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Whiskey Frozen Cocktails

9ct Variety Pack of 100ml Pops

Enjoy your whiskey on ice - literally. These pops are made with premium barrel-stored bourbon and come in 3 classic highball flavors with a new fashioned twist.

  • Apple (x3)
  • Cola (x3)
  • Ginger (x3)

Prepare yourself for a whiskey renaissance with the first-ever whiskey-based ice pop. Crafted with barrel-stored bourbon in three delicious flavors of Apple, Cola, and Ginger, the SLIQ Frozen Whiskey Ice Pops bring your favorite cocktails out from behind the bar and into your everyday life – easy, enjoyable, and entirely awesome.

These boozy frozen pops are more than just another way to enjoy your whiskey. They transform whiskey’s complex and palate-pleasing flavors into an anywhere, anytime experience. That means more of your favorite spirit, and more of the good times – now even better.

When you bring SLIQ ice pops to your next get-together, you may as well count them as your plus one. These classy, boozy ice pops pack so much personality and premium flavor into each ready-to-enjoy tube, they’re sure to be the life of the party. Then you’ll just have to decide which of the three frozen whiskey cocktail flavors you’ll keep by your side. Better yet, why not one of each?

Transport yourself to an idyllic orchard with just one sip of the tangy freshness packed into the Apple frozen cocktail. Or, revitalize your flavor palate with less sweetness, more spice by enjoying a Ginger frozen alcohol ice pop. Or, kick back with the refreshing flavor of Cola for a classic but contemporary whiskey treat.

With 90 calories and 8% ABV, SLIQ Frozen Whiskey Ice Pops pack a flavorful yet light punch, bringing you the elevated flavors of a whiskey cocktail in a convenient and fun package. Made with gluten-free, vegan, and kosher ingredients, they really are for everyone (though we’d understand if you chose to keep them all for yourself).

Bring them along for some fireside flavor, add some premium pizazz to your next picnic, or pack them as a spirited poolside treat. No matter where you plan to enjoy your SLIQ Frozen Whiskey Ice Pops, they’re sure to bring good times.








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