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Vodka Frozen Cocktails

9ct Variety Pack of 100ml Pops

Take your nostalgia for freezer pops, spike it with premium 7 times distilled vodka, then cut to the chase with fruit forwardness. That's just the tip of this lively iceberg.

  • Lemonade (x3)
  • Blue Raspberry (x3)
  • Cranberry & Grapefruit (x3)

Get ready to infuse any event with certifiable good times by showing up with SLIQ’s vodka-infused freeze pops. The deluxe spirit you’ve always known (and often loved) now comes in a new form: premium single-serving freeze-and-eat pops made with top-shelf liquor and top-notch ingredients. More like a frozen vodka cocktail in a tube than a poorly made mixed drink in a red cup, SLIQ hard ice vodka freeze pops are a better way to enjoy the finest parts of life.

With three unique flavors, you can extend the good times to anyone you meet. There’s a tang for every taste, which means vodka ice pops for every person. Savor the sunny sweetness of Lemonade, the tantalizing tartness of Blue Raspberry, or the refreshing tastiness of a crowd favorite flavor duo, Cranberry & Grapefruit. Better yet, enjoy one of each!

Regardless of where you’re sipping—or more accurately, squeezing—you can always do it in style. Whether you’re partying by the pool, splurging by the sea, or kicking back in the backyard, SLIQ frozen vodka pops make the perfect addition to any outing (or inning, for that matter). You don’t need an excuse to enjoy a delectable frozen treat, and you definitely don’t need a reason to reach for a boozy popsicle.

Coming in at only 90 calories and 8% ABV each, SLIQ vodka pops may feel like an indulgence, but they’re just about the most enlightened choice you can make. So kick your feet up and kick start the good times with SLIQ Spirited Ice vodka-infused freeze pops.






Distilled Vodka


Natural Flavors

Tubes Recycling

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews