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Rum Frozen Cocktails

9ct Variety Pack of 100ml Pops

Sorry to rain on your cocktail umbrella, but these daiquiris are better in the sun. They're portable, cold, and infused with premium Caribbean white rum to turn up the good times and lower the heat.

  • Coconut & Lime Daiquiri (x3)
  • Pineapple Daiquiri (x3)
  • Strawberry Daiquiri (x3)

Here’s the good news: you no longer need a blender, a bartender, or a beachfront view to enjoy the tropical taste of premium rum daiquiris. You can also throw out those poor-tasting homemade adult popsicles that your friend had the audacity to bring to your last party. Now, you can bring the good times to you with SLIQ frozen daiquiri pops, ready-made and raring to go. Turn your backyard into the beach and your freezer into an upscale resort bar with at-home frozen alcoholic ice pop treats that rival your favorite five-star establishment.

With classic daiquiri cocktail flavors that tickle everyone’s fancy, you can skip the menu and complex recipes with hard-to-clean ice pop molds altogether. Enjoy the classic combination of Coconut & Lime, the tropical tang of Pineapple, and the vibrant sweetness of Strawberry in easy to imbibe boozy pops. All three of these varied yet complementary flavors are made with superior white rum from the Caribbean, literally bringing the flavors of the tropics to your freezer.

Whether you bring this boozy tropical goodness to a backyard barbecue, a casual kickback, a date night, or an evening in, you’ll be showing up with more than just the refreshing taste of rum ice pops. You’ll be ushering in a whole new wave of good times that rum popsicles made at home can’t compete with. And that’s before anyone even cracks open the box and experiences these boozy frozen spirit cocktails firsthand.

SLIQ rum freeze pops are where good vibes meet great tastes, where any passing moment becomes a party. And with only 100 calories and 8% ABV of white rum per tube, the party never gets out of hand. Instead, you get to bask in the perpetual sweet spot.

You don’t have to choose between “being good” and good vibes. Have it all—and more—with low-calorie, gluten-free, naturally flavored rum freeze pops. The only thing you have to worry about is who you’ll share your boozy treats with, and just how many you’ll keep for yourself.






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