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Customer Reviews

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Agave Frozen Cocktails

9ct Variety Pack of 100ml Pops

Skip the blender with these 100% Blue Agave Spirit-based premium margaritas that'll transport you south-of-the-border - no plane required. Each pop is perfectly pre-mixed for every possible party, especially the spontaneous ones.

  • Classic Margarita (x3)
  • Mango Margarita (x3)
  • Strawberry Margarita (x3)

Strike liquid gold at your next outing with Agave Spirit-Infused Spirited Ice. Whether you’re headed to a poolside party, a backyard bash, a picnic in the park, or a day of sunbathing at the beach—or straight home to enjoy the refreshing taste of spirits from the comfort of your couch—you’ll enjoy it all the more with a pack of SLIQ frozen margarita pops in hand.

What’s a frozen margarita booze pop you ask? Great question! Imagine your favorite childhood treat, the frozen popsicle, but elevated into a boozy frozen margarita ice pop. Now you can relive the care-free joy you used to experience as a kid with a popsicle in hand while enjoying the refreshing taste of premium agave spirit.

For good times—and good times only—elevate your experience with a premium frozen cocktail that everyone can enjoy. Each nine-pack of frozen agave spirit pops comes with three splendid, blended flavors for ready-made boozy popsicles reminiscent of your favorite beachside bar. Think of your favorite margarita mix but frozen in an easy-to-eat slushy packaged in a recyclable wrapper that’s just waiting for you to open. No need to follow a recipe or bust out the blender. Simply snip off the top and enjoy this refreshing and boozy frozen treat!

You can always keep it classy with a Classic Margarita that’s mixed with refreshing lime flavor and agave spirit, or sweeten the deal with a Strawberry or Mango flavored frozen cocktail pop. With three of each flavor in every pack, the only difficult choice you’ll be making is which boozy treat you start with and whether or not you’ll be sharing with friends. These frozen margarita pops are sure to become a crowd favorite, with enough good times to go around. But if they’re your favorite, feel free to enjoy one (or two… or three…) of each, all to yourself.

SLIQ Margarita ice pops beat traditional boozy margarita popsicles and other ice pop brands because their low calorie count in each pop is unmatched. But who’s counting, right? At only 90 calories and 8% ABV each, these lighter treats are more than delicious. Made with premium 100% Blue Agave Spirit, natural flavors, and gluten-free ingredients, you can truly leave your worries at the door when you pick up SLIQ margarita ice pops.

Forget about the margarita recipe with too many ingredients and way too much prep time. With ready-to-consume frozen margaritas this good, you’ll forget you got them out of your freezer and not from a charming bartender at a tropical resort—paper umbrellas notwithstanding. So pop open a box of margarita freezer pops and drop into the agave spirit. The good times are mere minutes away, and they’ll be here to stay with your new favorite frozen cocktail.






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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews