Are you over 21?

Please come back and visit us when you're 21


Do these contain alcohol?

Yes, they do. They are only intended for those 21+

Does SLIQ have to be frozen?

SLIQ is meant to be consumed fully frozen, but hey, we're not here to judge if you can't wait for it in the freezer.

How long do they take to freeze?

At least 8 hours or until frozen.

Help - my pops aren't freezing!

Make sure the pops are removed from the carton and laid flat in the freezer. If this still isn't working, please reach out to us and we'll address your problem directly.

Can I re-freeze them if they've defrosted?

Yep! This won't affect the incredible taste one bit.

How do I eat these?

Snip off the tip, squeeze and enjoy!

How many calories do these contain?

Each pop contains between 90-100 calories, depending on the flavor.

How much alcohol do these contain?

Each pop contains 8% ABV. This equivalates to 1 Pop = ~1/2 Standard Alcoholic Drink.

Are the ingredients Gluten Free? Kosher? Vegan Friendly?

Yes - to all three.

Does SLIQ contain allergens?


How are these flavored?

We use natural flavors to deliver the most refreshing taste in each frozen cocktail.

What sweetener do you use?

All our formulas contain sucralose. This added sweetener leads to incredibly well-balanced flavor expressions in each of our crafted formulas.

How many flavors are there?

9 in total, with 3 per each variety pack: Vodka, Rum, & Agave Spirit. Every taste bud will be satisfied!

Can you use these as mixers/foaters for other cocktails?

You sure can. Let us know what concoctions you come up with!

Where can I purchase these?

Check our product locator. Click on this link to find SLIQ near you!

Do these travel easily?

Already frozen pops are convenient enough to throw in a cooler with plenty of ice for any good times occasion.

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