Are you over 21?

Please come back and visit us when you're 21


Does it have to be frozen?

The primary use is frozen

How do I eat these?

Snip off the tip, squeeze and enjoy

Is this gluten free?

Sure is - guilt free indulgence.

How many flavors are there?

9 in total Vodka: Rum: Agave Spirits: Or mix them all together.. The possibilities are endless

Can you use these as mixers for other cocktails?

Don’t see why not. Let us know what you come up with!

Where can I purchase these?

Check our product locator. Click on this link to find SLIQ near you!

Do these travel easily?

We recommend a cooler with plenty of ice or freeze when you reach your destination

How long do they take to freeze?

8 hours or until frozen

Are these healthy?

It's all relative. Between 90-100 calories per bar. Check out the flavors to learn more.

Does SLIQ contain allergens?


Do these contain alcohol?

Yes they do

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