What Is A Texas Margarita And How To Make It

What’s not to love about a margarita? Its refreshing, citrusy taste of lime balanced with the smokey notes of tequila perfectly complements the sweet hint of simple syrup. But every now and then, even your favorite classic cocktail needs a Texas-sized revamp.

You’re going to love what the Texas margarita—which infuses sweet orange juice—has to offer.

What is a Texas margarita, you ask? We’ll walk you through all the fixin’s to craft this delicious Southern treat.

The Cloudy History of the Texas Margarita 

The history of the Texas margarita is shrouded in mystery, speculation, and uncertainty. Like the world-famous cocktail that gave birth to it, the classic margarita, the Texas margarita is a simple beverage that packs a complex and delicious punch. 

Still, the drink raises more questions than it has answers for.1 When it comes to the Texas margarita, we simply don’t know its key autobiographical details, like:

  • Where it was invented
  • When it was invented
  • Who invented it

Of course, like all great mysteries, theories abound as to where the Texas margarita comes from and how it became so popular. 

One of the most predominant ideas is that the Texas margarita results from circumstance, convenience, and good, old-fashioned ingenuity. In other words, it probably started as a pitcher-style drink that was thrown together using whatever ingredients were nearby and seemed suitable.

Why Texas? That’s always a good question.

What Is a Texas Margarita vs Regular Margarita? 

The Texas margarita differs from a regular margarita in one crucial way: it uses orange juice, in addition to the standard ingredients.1

The orange juice compliments the flavor of the lime juice, adding an extra boost of citrusy goodness along with a sweet, tart bite. This gives the Texas margarita a brighter, zestier flavor than the original.

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How to Make a Texas Margarita

We already mentioned that a Texas margarita includes orange on its list of ingredients. But beyond that, what is in a Texas margarita?

Aside from orange juice, the ingredients include:

  • Tequila
  • Lime juice
  • Simple syrup

As with most standard margaritas, the ingredients are mixed in a cocktail shaker, then served in a cocktail glass over ice. Most people like to lightly salt the rim of their cocktail glass before pouring to balance out the sweet flavors of the drink.

That’s how you make a traditional Texas margarita. But at SLIQ, we’re never satisfied with what’s standard. Keep scrolling for instructions on elevating this delicious drink into a cocktail that approaches the divine.

SLIQ Frozen Mango Texas Margarita 

Our take on the Texas margarita adds the sweet, tropical taste of mango to the mix. To start things off, you’ll need the following ingredients:2

First, pour out a bit of kosher salt onto a small plate. Use the lime wedge or orange wheel to wet the glass rim before gently turning it through the salt to coat it. 

Next, grab a classic cocktail shaker. Drop in all the ingredients and shake to combine. The longer you shake, the more you’ll break down the SLIQ Pops, so follow your preference here, depending on the consistency you want.

After shaking, pour the agave margarita into the glass, stick on the lime and orange garnish, and the next thing you know, you’ll be sipping on a delicious frozen margarita while wearing a smile as big as Texas. 

Bonus Tips for Bonus Flavor 

If mango isn’t your thing, but you’re still interested in giving the frozen Texas margarita a try, just switch out the SLIQ Pops for one of our other flavors, like Classic or Strawberry Margarita. 

Or, for a truly colorful frozen treat, why not mix and match? You can use one SLIQ Agave Mango Margarita Frozen Cocktail Pop and one strawberry margarita for a drink that swirls a trio of fruity flavors. 

Stock Your Freezer with Frozen Fun 

Whether you decide to try your hand at the Texas margarita, a grapefruit margarita, or keep things classic with the original version, SLIQ’s Agave Spirit Frozen Cocktail Pops are the star ingredient you can’t go without.

Our frozen alcohol ice pops are made with 100% Blue Agave Spirit, natural flavors, and quality ingredients that are mixed to perfection to ensure that every pop is packed with mouthwatering flavor.

The time is always right to indulge in frozen fun. 



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How To Make An Easy 5 Steps Agave Margarita

The deliciously sweet taste of agave nectar. The smooth, smoky flavor of Blue Agave spirits. The familiar, mouthwatering chill of a frozen margarita. Wouldn’t it be great if all of these yummy flavors were available in a single cocktail?

Good news, margarita fans: there is. It’s called an Agave margarita—and it just might be your new favorite way to chill out, drink up, and have a good time.

What is an agave margarita, you ask? Simple: It’s a margarita that uses agave nectar instead of simple syrup. And when you combine it with a couple of SLIQ’s Agave Spirit Frozen Cocktail Pops, you’re not just doubling the fun agave-wise, you’re also putting a chilly spin on a classic cocktail. 

What is Agave Nectar?

Agave nectar is a sweet syrup from the agave plant, a succulent that’s native to the driest regions of Mexico. The flavor profile is similar to honey and sweeter than sugar.1 

As such, organic agave nectar makes an excellent substitute for a range of common sweeteners. Although it has a sweeter flavor, it doesn’t cause blood sugar levels to spike like regular sugar. In addition to replacing the simple syrup in a margarita, you can also use agave nectar as a substitute for:  

  • Honey
  • Molasses
  • Table sugar

The agave plant resembles the upper part of a pineapple, only it’s much larger. It’s topped with an array of leather leaves that can grow up to eight feet in length.2 The edges and tips of each leaf are usually ribbed with pointed spines, similar to cacti. 

How is Agave Nectar Harvested?

Organic agave nectar is harvested in much the same way as other plant syrups, like maple syrup.3 

When an agave plant reaches a certain age—usually seven to 10 years—it’s ready to give up its nectar. To get it, the top of the plant is cut off, and the core is emptied. This creates a pool-like enclosure for the nectar to collect until it’s ready to be extracted.

Now that you know a little about this delicious nectar, it’s time to craft your oh-so-delicious agave margarita. 

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Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients 

Begin by collecting everything you need to make your agave or grapefruit margarita. That means gathering your ingredients and your hardware. 

You only need three basic tools to craft your margarita: a cocktail shaker for mixing, a small plate for salting, and a rocks glass for the final product. 

Next, find your ingredients. For the cocktail, you’ll need:4

You’ll also need a lime wedge and a bit of kosher salt for a garnish. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Glass

It only takes a few minutes to mix a margarita. But when you’re finished, you’ll want to get to the sipping step ASAP, so make sure your margarita glass is salted and ready to go. That way, nothing is standing between you and your margarita when the time comes. 

If you’ve never salted a margarita glass before, don’t worry. Simply grab a lime wedge and run along the full circumference of your serving glass rim. Then, gently roll the rim through the salted plate until it’s well-coated and set it aside.

Step 3: Fill-n-Shake 

Grab the cocktail shaker and fill it with the SLIQ pops, agave nectar, and fresh lime juice. Pop on the lid and shake vigorously to blend the ingredients.

For the best blend, we recommend shaking for about 30 seconds, then checking to ensure you’ve achieved the desired consistency. It’s frozen, but it should still be pleasurably sippable.

Step 4: Pour-n-Enjoy 

You’ve done about as well as any bartender mixing your margarita. Now it’s time to reap your reward.

Go ahead and grab the salted serving glass you prepared a couple of steps ago. Pour the margarita in, top it with a lime wedge, and find a comfy spot to enjoy your delectable frosty beverage. 

SLIQ: Skip the Blender, Go Straight For the Fun 

We weren’t lying when we said the steps to making these frozen tequila drinks were easy. 

Since we’ve earned your trust, believe us when we tell you that SLIQ’s Agave Spirit Frozen Cocktail Pops are a must-have in any fully-stocked, fun-ready freezer. 

You’re never far from a spirited, refreshing frozen drink when you keep SLIQ’s Agave Spirit Frozen Cocktail Pops nearby. Our frozen alcohol ice pops use 100% Blue Agave Spirit, natural flavors, and quality ingredients for a top-shelf experience. And they’re available in three delicious flavors—Classic, Strawberry, and Mango Margarita.

Keep the good times going with SLIQ.



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3 Grapefruit Margarita Recipes to Enjoy After Summer

Summer might be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean your good times have to follow suit. Fall is just around the corner with winter hot on its heels, but there’s still time to indulge in the sumptuous, citrusy beverages you enjoy all summer. 

Looking for ways to keep the party going well into autumn and beyond? SLIQ’s got you covered. Here are three fun, fabulous ways to use our Agave Spirit Frozen Cocktails with grapefruit, the citrusy after-summer treat. Pucker up!

#1 Classic Grapefruit Margarita

The great thing about grapefruit margaritas—or any type of margarita—is how easy they are to make. You don’t need a dozen fancy ingredients or complicated cocktail accouterments. All you need is a few minutes, an ounce of will, and a couple of SLIQ Agave Spirit Frozen Cocktail Pops in Classic Margarita flavor. 

If you prefer to sip your marg from a salted glass, start there. Pour out a small amount of salt onto a plate, wet the rim of a glass, and roll it gently until the rim is coated. 

Then, assemble your ingredients. The complete list includes:1

Once you’ve got your ingredients on deck, go ahead and drop them all into a cocktail shaker. To blend the ingredients, you can shake or stir vigorously—just be sure you whip up enough energy to break the SLIQ pop down to a slushy, sippable consistency. If you want, feel free to use a muddler.

Once the drink is blended, simply pour it into a glass, add a lime wedge for a garnish, and enjoy! 

#2 Skinny Strawberry-Grapefruit Margarita 

Whether you’re counting calories or just prefer a healthier beverage, the Skinny Strawberry-Grapefruit Margarita is the guilt-free way to unwind with a frozen fruit cocktail.

What makes it skinny?

The skinny grapefruit margarita slims down by ditching the liqueur in favor of natural, freshly squeezed juices.2 This scales down the sugar content and cuts calories for a healthier drink that’s no less delicious. And, when you use SLIQ’s Agave Spirit Frozen Cocktail pops, no less decadent. Can you say Skinny Legend?

By now, your taste buds must be tingling. So, without further ado, here’s how to craft the perfect Skinny Grapefruit Margarita. 

The ingredients you’ll need are: 

Start by combining the SLIQ Frozen Cocktail Pops and juices in a cocktail shaker. Shake or stir until the ingredients are well blended, then pour into a glass. Top it off with a splash of sparkling water for effervescence, garnish with a lime wedge or a grapefruit wheel, and you’re all set.

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#3 Spicy Grapefruit Margarita with Mango 

Heat up the cooler months with a spicy grapefruit margarita. (Warning to those whose palates can’t take the heat: the Spicy Grapefruit Margarita with Mango is hot.)

That said, this margarita recipe subs out tequila for a couple SLIQ Agave Spirit Frozen Cocktail pops and adds the creamy, fruity flavor of mango to keep you—and your tastebuds—happy all year long.

The Spicy Grapefruit Margarita with Mango requires a few more ingredients than your average marg.3 For this margarita recipe, you don’t want to skip decorating the rim of your glass with a zesty combo of salt and chili powder, going slightly heavier on the salt. Do that first, then set it aside.

For the agave margarita itself, you’ll need:

The first step is muddling the simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and jalapeño in a cocktail shaker. Make sure that the jalapeño is well-crushed to supe up the spice quotient. 

Next, pour in the fresh grapefruit juice and stir. We recommend you strain the mixture to remove any jalapeño seeds and juice pulp before adding the alcohol ice pops. Then, stir or shake to blend. Your salted glass awaits, so pour, sip, and prepare to singe your tastebuds. 

Indulge All Year Long With SLIQ

When you want to cool off with a delicious frozen margarita, skip the blender and reach for SLIQ’s Agave Spirit Frozen Cocktail Pops. Made with 100% Blue Agave Spirit and utilizing only natural flavors, they’re available in three delectable flavors—Classic, Strawberry, and Mango Margarita—for ready-when-you-are deliciousness.

Whether you enjoy SLIQ’s Frozen Cocktail Pops on their own or mixed into a mouthwatering grapefruit margarita, you’ll discover delicious, refreshing frozen cocktails that taste so good you’ll swear there’s a bartender in your freezer. 

Ready to discover the simple and delicious way to keep the good times always within reach? Stock up on SLIQ’s Frozen Cocktail Pops today. 



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How to Drink Different Types of Whiskey

Whether you’re leaping across the lochs of Scotland, scaling the frosty Japan Alps, or flexing the folds of the Tennessee valleys, you’re bound to discover old fashioned whiskey that sings the notes of its birth land. It is also one of the oldest drinks in the world, even older than vermouth!

How do you drink whiskey? The savoring style of each transportive variety depends mostly on your enjoyment. But we’re here to equip you with a few expert tips on how to bring the best out of every bottle. 

Are you a first-time whiskey drinker? Dust off your finest tulip glasses, barkeep! We’re taking a trip around the globe to discover the different types of whiskey, what makes each one special, and how to drink each one. 

Different Types of Whiskey

How to drink whiskey depends on which whiskey you wish to savor. 

But to taste the nuances of whiskey, you must first understand the nuances of its spelling. You might already understand the difference between whisky and whiskey, but for the people in the back, let’s review.  

In a nutshell, the spelling tells you where the product was made. 

  • Whisky – Hails from Scotland, Canada, or Japan
  • Whiskey – Flows from Ireland or America 

Go forth and impress all future dinner dates with your impressive and refined knowledge of grain spirit culture. You’re welcome. 

(P.S: For the purposes of this article, we’ll use whiskey as an all-encompassing term.)

What Are The Different Types of Whiskey? 

Get your flashlights and your tasting glasses—we’re going to hike into the caverns of different types of whiskey. 

Water-of-life wizards have spent centuries perfecting this barrel-aging craft. Today, it would be silly not to reap the benefits of their hard work by tasting the fruits of their labor. 

Although liquor store shelves prove the existence of hundreds of whiskeys, these are the OG’s. Learn these, and you’ll be well on your way to whiskey mastery.

  • Scotch whisky – A fine-tuned craft of Scotland since 1494, Scotch is matured in oak barrels for three or more years and is known for its sharp, distinct flavor. 
  • Irish whiskey – Unique in its blend of both malted and unmalted barley. It’s distilled three times compared to Scotch’s two, which boasts a smoother, lighter finish.
  • Bourbon whiskey – One of three well-known American whiskeys, Bourbon is known for its sweeter flavor thanks to 51% of its grain made of a Kentucky midwest favorite: corn.
  • Rye whiskey – First distilled in Pennsylvania in 1750, Rye is famous for its spicier sting from its unique blend of grains—a distinctness that lands it a dust-free bar shelf spot. 
  • Tennessee whiskey – This country tune special is aged in Tennessee using an original Lincoln County Process to mellow the distilled liquid with charcoal, adding sweetness.
  • Canadian whisky – Dancing between Scotch and American styles, Canadian whisky couples the strict Scottish three-year aging minimum with extra armfuls of sweet, mellowing maize. 
  • Japanese whisky – Japanese whisky models its ingredients and process from traditional Scotch. It’s known for its deeper, more refined flavor. 

How to Drink Different Types of Whiskey

Alright, brave explorer. Now that you’ve mastered Whiskey 101, we needn’t further delay our tasting trials. It’s a beautiful day to savor a smooth whiskey water or pucker a tangy cocktail. 

How to Drink Scotch Whisky

First to the bar: the classic Scotch. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we recommend starting with this famed masterpiece. Who wouldn’t want to sip something that’s been crafted the same way for over 500 years? 

To fully appreciate the robust oakiness and depth of Scotch, it’s best drunk neat in a whiskey glass at room temperature—that is, two fingers in your favorite whisky glass, nothing more, and certainly nothing less. Sip it slowly, letting the wealth of warmth roll over your tongue and kindle every taste bud. 

Tip: You can add a drop or two of water to help cut the bite and savor the complex flavors. In fact, some distilleries will serve drams alongside droppers and cups of water. 

How to Drink Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey is beloved for its mellow flavor and special mash ingredients that make for a sweet, smooth flavor comparable to caramel. 

Some Irish whiskey masters insist on drinking this imbibement at room temperature. But our favorite? Chilled. Pop that bottle and a tumbler in the freezer for a few hours, ponder life’s great mysteries, come back, pour, sip, and thank us later. 

How to Drink American Whiskey

Bourbon, Rye, and Tennessee are our favorites for the adored whiskey cocktail—a sub-category with plenty of rabbit holes of its own. These American-made whiskeys use American oak barrels to impart notes of vanilla and coconut, beautifully complementing the likes of citrus, sour, and soda. 

To shine the spotlight on these American whiskeys, try these simple cocktails. 

  • Bourbon – Bourbon sour, bourbon and coke, bourbon manhattan 
  • Rye – Whiskey ginger, whiskey highball, Boulevardier
  • Tennessee – Lynchburg lemonade, whiskey smash, whiskey cranberry 

How to Drink Canadian Whiskey 

Canadian whiskey is a vehicle for flavor and aroma: well-balanced, smooth, light, and drinkable. Because of these accolades, it’s destined for greatness on the rocks. Slow-melting ice fuses through its light-golden color to elevate sweetness and amplify freshness. 

A tumbler, or lowball, is the glass of an on-the-rocks master. Do us a favor and swap the chalky ice tray from the back of the freezer with some well-mannered, purified cubes. Lovingly place a few lucky swimmers at the bottom of your rocks glass, pour, and enjoy. 

How to Drink Japanese Whisky

Twist a lemon, but don’t twist this: Japanese whisky is high on the priority list—and on our bar shelf. The Japanese learned the art from the Scotts and then truly made a craft of their own that’s uniquely bold, fruity, and floral. 

The most traditional way to enjoy Japanese whisky is mixed with ice and soda water called a highball. Don’t forget the lemon expression at the end to make this effervescent brew pop. 

Master the Art of Whiskey Drinking with SLIQ

While you can generally drink whiskey any time of the year, the best season for enjoying this drink is during autumn. For this reason, there are a lot of fall whiskey drinks. But it’s no surprise that people have decided to use whiskey for other occasions, such as mixing it in tailgate drinks. Which is your favorite whiskey? No matter where it comes from, whiskey is an art, science, and history blended together into a few sips of heaven. The depth of this incredible spirit no doubt matches the depths of flavor in every glass. Understanding a little bit about the different types of whiskey will help you appreciate it that much more. 

We’re SLIQ, your go-to for premium frozen cocktails. Our new whiskey frozen cocktails are made with top-shelf barrel-stored bourbon to bring high-quality flavor from your freezer to your glass. Our whiskey frozen cocktails come in three original highball flavors to help you enjoy tasting from anywhere. Aside from whiskey frozen cocktails, you can also enjoy our other alcohol ice pops. We know that everyone’s a little different and enjoys different cocktail liquors which is why we also offer vodka freeze pops, margarita ice pops, and rum daiquiri ice pops.

It’s time to embark on the next level of whiskey drinking – on ice, literally. With SLIQ, it’s smooth sailing from here. 



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6 Easy Tailgate Drinks & Cocktails

The cars are parked, the grill is sizzling, and your facepaint is epic-yet-tasteful. Tailgating season is upon us, and everybody knows that the best times are usually had before the game even begins. Especially if your team is about to give up four touchdowns in the first half. 

Rolling a keg through the parking lot or digging through a cooler for a light beer certainly has its allure, but you’re ready to take your tailgate drinks to the next level. However, you don’t want to be the person dragging a full bar set-up through the parking lot. 

We’ve got you covered with our favorite easy tailgate drinks. 

#1 Spicy Bloody Mary

Getting the perfect spot in the parking lot means waking up at the crack of dawn. That means it’s technically brunch time, which means a Bloody Mary is mandatory. This version of the Bloody Mary is especially easy to put together if you’re also serving chicken wings at your tailgate party—you should already have the hot sauce and celery ready to go!

No fancy equipment needed, just toss the ingredients into a shaker with some ice, strain, and enjoy. Garnish with celery (if you’re fancy).

If you want to go the extra distance, throw some bacon on the grill for an extra smoky garnish. 

#2 The Candied Apple

Depending on where your favorite team plays, as the season unfolds, your tailgate party might start to resemble an arctic expedition. Nothing quite gets the chill out like a whiskey-infused cocktail. 

If you’re going to be drinking hot chocolate anyway, might as well get it as boozy and decadent as possible. For this recipe, melt down your SLIQ pops with the water that you’re boiling for the hot chocolate. Stir in the mix, then top with whipped cream and caramel sauce. 

#3 Whisky Lemon Punch

Not every tailgate party takes place on the frozen tundra. If you’re rooting for a team where the sun shines all fall and winter, you deserve a tailgate cocktail that’s breezy and bright and way simpler than even mixing together some hot cocoa. This tart cocktail mixes highball class with refreshing warm weather favorites. 

Pour over ice, and boom. Time for a toast to your team’s opponent’s demise. Simple and effective. If you’re feeling fancy, you could garnish this one with a sprig of rosemary. Or, if you happen to be tailgating at a golf event, mix in some iced tea for a proper John Daly. This is also a perfect way to learn how to drink whiskey since some people think whiskey on its own is too strong.

#4 Spiked Blueberry Lemonade

Maybe you’ve got the lemonade from the above recipe, but your favorite team’s colors are blue or purple. If that’s the case, you’ll need a tailgate drink that matches your jersey. 

Get some of your aggression out by muddling those blueberries and applaud yourself for incorporating fresh fruits into your tailgate party. Then, mix the muddled berries with your SLIQ pop and the lemonade for a joyously slushy treat that hopefully represents your team’s colors. 

#5 Blue Flavored Punch

While you might not technically be on the team, and your athletic performance today will be entirely judged on how well you stagger into the stadium, that doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need electrolytes. 

Pour your SLIQ pop into a glass, then add the pineapple juice, and then the sports drink. If you layer this cocktail correctly, you’re going to end up with a sweet-looking yellow-and-blue drink that will inspire admiration, especially if you’re tailgating in Los Angeles. 

#6 Spiked Root Beer

Tailgating is for the young and the young-at-heart. A classic version of a spiked root beer cocktail is the perfect treat after a game of touch-football in the parking lot. 

Just pour the following into a glass with ice:

Adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream to this is entirely optional but highly recommended. 

Get Ready to Cheer For SLIQ Pops

Our tailgate cocktails should have you ready to scream your heart out for the home team and maybe even dive through a folding table. (Don’t actually do this unless you’re from Buffalo. And even then, maybe not…)

SLIQ Spirited Alcohol Ice Pops make the perfect companion for your next tailgate party. Our premium ingredients, easy portability in coolers, and versatility in simple cocktail recipes will make them starters in your tailgate party line-up. In addition to tailgates, the pops are perfect for other occasions, such as Christmas, summer, or cozy fall whiskey cocktails.

But seriously: no breaking tables. 



  1. Delish. 13 Awesome (and Massive!) Tailgate Cocktails. https://www.delish.com/entertaining/g2947/easy-college-tailgate-cocktail-ideas/

6 Cozy Fall Whiskey Cocktails & Drinks

The leaves are changing, the air is getting cooler, and the aroma of pumpkin spice is suddenly everywhere. Fall is rolling in, so it’s time to pack away the shorts, sunglasses, and salt-rimmed margaritas and settle in with a cocktail that pairs well with books and blankets. 

When it comes to getting the chill out, nothing is better than the smoky warmth of fall whiskey cocktails. And while you’ve packed away the rest of your summer toys, frozen cocktail pops made with premium Bourbon whiskey never go out of season.

Check out the recipes below to find some fall whiskey drinks that will light your fire.

 #1 The Apple Picker

September means apple picking season, and this apple cider-esque cocktail is inspired by that wholesome fall activity. Plus, everyone knows that the best part of apple-picking is chowing down on the apple cider donuts sold by the farms. We had those sweet treats in mind when we interpreted this cocktail.1

Mix the SLIQ Whiskey Apple pops, cider, and syrup together. Stir thoroughly so that the syrup dissolves and distributes. Then, top it off with the ginger beer for a delicious, golden cocktail. 

#2 The Thanksgiving

No list of fall whiskey cocktails would be complete without a drink inspired by turkey day. We’re using a simple rosemary syrup in the recipe to get those stuffing vibes. You can make your own by following a few quick steps:

  • Combine one cup of water, one cup of sugar, and three sprigs of fresh rosemary in a saucepan. 
  • Bring to a boil, stirring as necessary to dissolve the sugar. 
  • Remove from heat, cover, and let steep for at least 30 minutes. 
  • Use a strainer to pour your syrup into a glass storage container. 

Your homemade rosemary simple syrup should last up to thirty days in the refrigerator, which is long enough to get through even the most interminable of family visits. Speaking of which, here’s a cocktail recipe that will take the edge off listening to your uncles argue about politics. 

#3 Cherry Pie

We mentioned that fall is for apple picking, but there are only so many McIntoshes we can scarf down before we feel like changing things up. This fall cocktail is wonderful if you need a little pick-me-up for those late September days. 

Muddle your cherries in the bottom of your glass, mix in your SLIQ Whiskey Cola pops, and top it off with a splash of fizzing cherry cola. Especially good if you have a sweet tooth.

Cut open a cold one! Shop now!

#4 Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour

The whiskey sour is a classic drink no matter the time of the year, but by adding in some seasonable ingredients, we can make it even warmer and more indulgent. The perfect cocktail for sitting on the porch and watching trick-or-treaters. 

Pour your SLIQ Whiskey Apple pops into a cocktail shaker, add the lemon juice, maple syrup, and cinnamon, then shake well. Transfer the results into a cocktail glass and settle in for a cozy evening. 

#5 The Lion’s Tail

If you’re on the prowl for something more unique this fall, try crafting our version of a Lion’s Tail. The cocktail is made with Allspice dram, which you’ll need to hunt down at your local liquor store.2 The combination of spices will surely get the chill out while giving you a feeling of luxury. 

  • 2 SLIQ Spirited Ice Whiskey Apple Pops
  • ½ ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
  • ½ ounce Allspice Dram
  • 1 tablespoon of simple syrup (or maple syrup for added complexity)
  • A splash of Angostura bitters

Simply mix all these ingredients together and serve with a garnish of lemon. The Lion’s Tail is a lot like a traditional Manhattan, but with a feeling of complexity from the additional spices that really heat up a fall night. 

#6 Whiskey Smash

If you’re looking for a classic whiskey drink, you can do no wrong with Whiskey Smash.

In a cocktail shaker, first muddle the lemon wedges. Afterward, add the rest of the ingredients and shake until well combined. Strain the beverage over a rocks glass filled with fresh ice.

Warm Up With SLIQ Whiskey Frozen Cocktails

These cocktails are the perfect introductions to how to drink whiskey. Hopefully, you have figured out which fall drinks with whiskey will get you through the lengthening nights. Now that you’re prepared to be a leaf-raking, cookie-baking, whiskey mixologist, you can start devoting that mental energy to choosing your Halloween costume. Speaking of fall activities, you can also prepare these as tailgate drinks.

A freezer stocked with SLIQ Whiskey Frozen Cocktails makes it easy to bartend at home as you get ready to hibernate. Even though they’re frozen, the premium barrel-stored bourbon cocktail in each pop is sure to warm you up. Aside from our frozen whiskey cocktail pops, we also have other alcohol ice pops you can try. We cater to all types of sippers by offering vodka freeze pops, margarita ice pops, and rum daiquiri ice pops in a variety of delicious flavors



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6 Cocktail Recipes for a Beach Day

Whether you’re packing up to head out to the beach or you wish you were, there’s nothing quite like a handcrafted cocktail to help paint the sky a bright cerulean blue. 

Sure, you could just toss some beers or hard seltzers in the cooler and get ready for some waves, but why not add some creative flair to your fun in the sun? With these easy-to-prep recipes, you’ll have everything you need to take the quality of an upscale cocktail lounge to the comfort of your beach towel.

Gather round, mixologists. Settle in with your toes in the sand while we unpack six of the best drinks for the beach. 

#1 Apple Whiskey Sour 

Before jetting off to your favorite seascape, consider bringing a taste of the orchard along with you. Juicy, sweet, and subtly tart, apples are just as much at home in a cocktail glass as they are in a freshly baked pie. 

To serve up this thirst-quenching sipper, start with a homemade spiced apple simple syrup:

  • Combine equal parts sugar and water, a cinnamon stick, and fresh apple slices in a medium saucepan. 
  • Place the saucepan over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved, stirring occasionally. 
  • Remove the apple slices and cinnamon stick from the pan using a slotted spoon, and store the syrup in an airtight container. 

With your sweetening agent at the ready, now you’ll want to invite these pucker-inducing ingredients to the summer cocktail:

From there, place your SLIQ pops in a cup—no ice required. Spritz with lemon and spiced apple simple syrup to taste, and combine. For a fanciful finish, garnish with a sugar rim and a slice of apple.

#2 Ginger Peach Lemonade

Next up on the beach-day menu: ginger peach lemonade. Thanks to this mouthwatering sipper, you’ll be able to enjoy a hint of summer sweetness and a dash of sassy spice while you let ocean waves carry your troubles away.

To prepare this peachy cocktail to perfection, gather the following:

Toss all of your trusted ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. No blender? No problem. Just combine the pops, puree, and lemonade in a bottle or cup with a lid, shake vigorously, and slurp it down to your heart’s content. After getting a taste, you’ll realize this is one of the best mixed drinks with whiskey.

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#3 Berrylicious SLIQ Sparkling Lemonade

If you love watching—and drinking—the sunset, it’s time to make some room in your glass for this colorful concoction featuring an assortment of must-have summer berries. After you’ve worked up a sweat in your beach volleyball match, cool down with the help of a few simple ingredients:

First, put the strawberries and blueberries into a cup and crush them slightly with a muddler. Then, add your lemony SLIQ Spirited Ice Pops into the mix, squeeze in the lime juice, and shake to combine. Top it all off with a splash of bubbly club soda and toss it back (sharing optional). 

#4 SLIQ Sea Breeze

In this tasty twist on a summer classic, cranberry and grapefruit juice team up with SLIQ for a slushie seaside cocktail. All you’ll need to pack in your beach tote is:

Place your crushed SLIQ pops in a cup, add fruit juices, stir gently, and gulp down the refreshing, citrusy taste of summer.

#5 SLIQ Seaside Sunrise 

Waking up before dawn to catch the sunrise might not be on your beach-day to-do list, but this remixed version of a tequila sunrise certainly should be. Toss a taste of the tropics in your cup by assembling the following: 

Start by blending the SLIQ pops and orange juice together until smooth. Transfer the slushy sipper to your preferred beach-friendly glass and float the grenadine on top. The result? A flavor-packed libation that’s even better than the soft, delicate hues of daybreak. 

#6 SLIQ Piña Colada

Chips and guacamole, macaroni and cheese, bagels and lox—all of these classic pairings pale in comparison to this tropical combo: beach days and piña coladas. To prepare this colorful version of a piña colada like a pro, be sure to pack your cooler with:

Combine the entire ensemble in a blender, mix to perfection, and serve. Give your drink an even fruitier touch by garnishing it with a cherry and a slice of pineapple (or a lime wedge). Go ahead, add a brightly-colored umbrella pick, too. 

To keep these extra cool, make sure to have a small bucket of ice cubes to keep your guest’s mixed drink. Of course, these ice cubes can also keep cool non-alcoholic beverages, such as fruit juice, virgin long island iced tea, etc.

Shop for SLIQ Before You Hit the Beach

Now that you’re equipped with some of the best drinks for the beach, some of which are also perfect as summer whiskey cocktails no matter where you are, all that’s left to do is to slip into your swimsuit and soak up all of those seaside rays. Just make sure to replace the ho-hum liquor on your shelf with SLIQ alcohol ice pops, featuring barrel-stored bourbon, 7x distilled vodka, 100% blue agave spirit, and Caribbean white rum. 

Whether you prefer to vacation or staycation, the best beach cocktails are made with SLIQ, giving you a taste of summer fun wherever you are. 



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4 Delicious Mixed Drinks With Whiskey

Are you a whiskey lover? Warm, woody whiskey is a salt-of-the-earth liquor whose voluptuous flavors can be savored solo or coaxed to the forefront in cocktail form. From the classic whiskey-and-cola to the sophisticated, beloved Boulevardier, whiskey connoisseurs aren’t afraid to take their favorite liquor straight—or chase with a few bells and whistles that can highball their favorite spirit.

Whiskey lovers, rejoice: SLIQ’s barrel-stored bourbon pops are here, and they’re taking this debonair liquor to the next level. Wipe down your home bar and ready your rocks glasses: here are the best mixed drinks with whiskey, courtesy of SLIQ’s nuanced range of Frozen Whiskey Cocktails. 

#1 Whiskey Ginger Smash

This whiskey cocktail has been around at least since the 1800s, with zippy notes of lemon and mint to refine through whiskey’s darker, honeyed flavors. 

For a 21st-century take on this industrial classic, behold: the Whiskey Ginger Frozen Cocktail. With a spicy nip of ginger to mediate between its citrusy and earthy notes, our twist on this classic cocktail is the next step for turning your next evening into a smashing good time.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

First, drop your lemon wedges into a cocktail shaker to muddle. While you’re muddling, be sure to chase the pulp and the peel—while the meat of the lemons has the juice, lemon peels house those rich, flavorful oils that will add dimension to your cocktail’s finish.

Next, add your simple syrup, mint leaves, and SLIQ Whiskey Ginger Frozen Cocktails. Shake well—you want the frozen cocktails to dissolve to a smooth, sippable consistency, but the result should still be a little slushy to preserve that icy texture. When it’s time to serve them up, pour into a rocks glass, garnish with a spring of mint, and sip to your heart’s content.

This recipe yields one serving, so feel free to scale up according to your needs. Keep in mind that SLIQ’s Frozen Cocktails are 8% ABV, which means that the amount of alcohol in two pops is about equal to a standard cocktail pour. 

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#2 Apple Old Fashioned

Many an old-timer would turn their nose up at a nazzy martini or schmaltzy sidecar, declaring Old Fashioneds to be the single best cocktail you can make. But gussy up this speakeasy staple with an apple-tart twist, and you’ve got yourself a simple, not-too-sweet, accessible cocktail that cuts across generations with a flavorful punch. 

First, gather your ingredients: 

As one of the most venerated cocktails in the game, old-fashioneds are simple to prepare: combine all of your ingredients in a cocktail shaker, and stir or shake vigorously to mix. Then, pour into a rocks glass and adorn it with an orange peel or maraschino cherry garnish—the cocktail equivalent of sparkling cufflinks for that classic Old Fashioned touch.

#3 Chilled Whiskey & Cherry Cola

Mixed drinks with whiskey and cherry cola make for an iconic pairing, conjuring images of jukeboxes, jitterbugs, and the 1950s soda shoppes of old. Alongside cherry cola’s creamy effervescence, the fledgling caramel notes of whiskey take flight, making for a cocktail that’s equal parts sugar and spice.

Make these opposing flavors even sleeker by popping in SLIQ’s Whiskey Cola Frozen Cocktail to chill them to the bone. Made with premium, barrel-stored bourbon, it’s a perfect way to add complexity to this simple two-ingredient beverage. To make a beverage for you and your date, you’ll need:

To prepare, blend your SLIQ pops with cherry cola in a blender until velvety and pour into shooter whiskey glasses. Garnish each glass with a lemon peel, pop in a straw for a classic soda shoppe vibe, and sip to your heart’s content.

#4 Ginger Boulevardier

The Boulevardier, a bittersweet spin on the Negroni, debuted in the 1920s among upper-echelon American expatriates in Paris. A neat little package of bourbon, sweet vermouth, and Italian bitter liqueur, loosen the collar of this upper-crust cocktail by introducing the rugged notes of SLIQ’s Frozen Whiskey Ginger Frozen Cocktails.

To pull it off, you’ll need:

In a rocks glass, stir together the SLIQ Frozen Cocktails, liqueur, and vermouth until silky. Pop in an orange peel and serve on a coaster to nurse (or devour) until your thirst is quenched.

Other whiskey cocktails worth trying out include:

Spiced Bourbon Hot Toddy

One of the surprising things about this whiskey drink is it is best served warm. This brew is made of bourbon, fresh lemon juice, honey, cinnamon sticks, and cloves.

Irish Coffee

Here’s another whiskey drink best served hot. The quintessential Irish Coffee is made from freshly brewed coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and topped with whipped cream.

Whiskey Lemonade

Whiskey and lemon are a match made in heaven. And it’s another classic cocktail you can make on your own. Just pour in equal parts lemon juice and whiskey in a glass and garnish with some herbs and a lemon wedge.

Whiskey Sour

Any avid whiskey drinker must’ve ordered this at some point. Now, you can make this at home, too. What you need are 2 ounces bourbon, 3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice, 3/4 ounce simple syrup, an orange peel, and topped with Maraschino cherry.

SLIQ’s Frozen Cocktails: For Good Times That Run the Gamut

Whichever whiskey beverage tickles your fancy, your SLIQ Frozen Whiskey Cocktails should never be out of reach. Made with natural flavors and barrel-stored bourbon, they’re the perfect way to get your fix and keep your chill, either on their own or mixed to taste. For specific concoctions for the warmest season, check out these summer whiskey cocktails. 

Aside from frozen whiskey cocktails, there are also other alcohol ice pops. Whether you’re revving up the blender in preparation for cocktail hour or tucking in with a nightcap and unwinding solo, keep your freezer stocked with SLIQ Spirited Ice frozen cocktails to keep your favorite whiskey on tap today. 



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4 Whiskey Cocktail Recipes Perfect for Summer

Enjoying a June sunset by a beachfront bonfire, watching steaks sizzle as fireworks play against the sky in July, picnicking in the shade of backyard trees in August—all of these perfect summer moments only become sweeter when the heat is cut with an icy cold cocktail.  

And if you love whiskey (or whisky, if you come from a certain part of the world) just as much as you love the warm weather, you might be looking to bolster your personal bar with a few can’t-miss whiskey cocktails for summer. Well, look no further. This list of the best whiskey cocktails for summer has four drinks that are guaranteed to keep your summer cool in every sense of the word. 

Our Favorite Whiskey Cocktails: 4 Recipes For Summer

To rev up your vibrant summer social calendar, stock your freezer with SLIQ and meet four whiskey cocktails you’ll want to sip all season long.

#1. The Apple Mint Julep

To dabble on the finer end of the summer whiskey cocktails spectrum, reach for a classically southern Frozen Apple Mint Julep. With SLIQ’s Frozen Whiskey Apple Cocktail, apple and mint join forces to cut through whiskey’s signature drawl for a tart and refreshing finish to perk up those dog days of summer.

Get to puttin’ up this down-home cocktail with:

In a cocktail shaker, muddle and mix the mint with simple syrup. Next, add your SLIQ Frozen Cocktails and continue muddling until your ice pops melt into a silky texture. Once your whiskey drink is perfectly smooth, pour it into a glass, plop in a sprig of mint, and sip to your heart’s content. 

#2. The Chilly Bourbon Buck

This bourbon cocktail would surely quench your thirst. In the world of mixology, a “buck” refers to any cocktail that makes use of ginger and citrus juice on its list of ingredients. 

You may have encountered one quintessential buck in your years imbibing: the Dark ’n Stormy, a classic pirate’s choice libation.1 But what happens when you trade your rum liquor for a SLIQ Frozen Whiskey Ginger Cocktail? You wind up with a Chilly Bourbon Buck—a cocktail that’s guaranteed to shiver your timbers and keep your first mates cool during those long, hot summer days.

Aye aye, cap’n! Swab the bar and line up the following ingredients: 

In a cocktail shaker, combine your SLIQ Frozen Cocktails and lime juice. Toss together vigorously (like a ship in a storm) to smooth the whiskey pop into a velvety consistency. To finish, pour into a Collins glass and top with the ginger ale until it foams like the shoreline. Garnish with a lime wedge, sip, mint leaf, and enjoy in a rocks glass.

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#3. The Cola Whiskey Sour

Sour cocktails are ideal for sweltering weather, reminiscent of July flash storms that break the heat with a refreshing spell of summer rain.

Cola brings the classic whiskey sour back to its sundry roots, deepening its earthy notes which can get lost in the high-key notes of heavy-handed citrus. To make one, you’ll need:

  • 1-2 SLIQ Spirited Ice Whiskey Cola Pops
  • ¾ ounces of fresh-squeezed lemon
  • ¾ ounces of simple syrup or honey syrup
  • ½ orange slice (to garnish)
  • 1 maraschino cherry (optional)

Start by depositing your SLIQ whiskey pops, fresh-squeezed lemon, and simple syrup into a cocktail shaker. No need for ice—your SLIQ pops will take care of the chill factor. 

Shake vigorously until your fingers start to chill, then let it pour into a glass of your choosing. To serve, dock your orange wedge onto the side of the glass and finish with a cherry for an extra dose of summer sweetness.

#4. The Apple Honey Whiskey

If you’re a diehard fan of the classic old fashioned, you’ll go wild for its sweet-as-pie cousin: the apple honey whiskey cocktail. This classic whiskey cocktail takes the knuckle out of Old Fashioneds’ signature punch, introducing touches of honey and apple for a finish that tastes like a soft, late-summer wind.

Start by assembling the following ingredients:

In a cocktail shaker, combine the SLIQ Frozen Cocktails, honey simple syrup, and bitters, and stir or shake vigorously. Once your drink is perfectly blended, pour it into a glass and dress with a fresh, crisp apple slice. 

Slip Into Summer With SLIQ

Found a whiskey drink you fancy? The good thing about these mixed drinks with whiskey is they are some of the best drinks for the beach. Whatever summer shenanigans are on your agenda this season, SLIQ’s Whiskey Frozen Cocktails make playing bartender a cool summer breeze. Made with premium barrel-stored bourbon, SLIQ pops blend handsomely into any cocktail for an ice-cold finish to keep you cool all season long. 

Aside from whiskey cocktails, we also have other alcohol ice pops. Bone up your bartending skills, expand your repertoire, and explore SLIQ’s full range of flavorful, frozen libations at our online store today.



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4 Fruity Whiskey Drinks You Can Make at Home

If you’re searching for fruity whiskey drinks, look no further. We’ve come up with four delicious frozen whiskey cocktails for you to wet your whistle with. From sunshiney strawberry apple to subtle and spicy lychee ginger, these fruity concoctions will have you saying “Wow”!

Plus, if you’ve ever wondered how whiskey is made, we’ve written about that in detail too. 

The Not-So-Secret Ingredient: SLIQ

Each of the whiskey cocktails listed below features a SLIQ alcohol ice pop on its ingredients list, specifically two flavors from our Whiskey pack: Apple and Ginger. 

SLIQ Frozen Pops are perfectly portioned cocktails all on their own. However, given their unique texture and refreshing flavor profiles, it also makes sense to use them in sippable concoction recipes, such as slushes. 

Popping a SLIQ Cocktail Pop in the blender with a few easy ingredients will produce a premium frozen drink with half the work. 

1. Strawberry Apple Whiskey Slush

A whiskey slush is a frozen cocktail made with whiskey (or bourbon whiskey) that traditionally features citrus flavors like orange, lemon, and lime. Nowadays, though, you can find whiskey slushes with all sorts of different taste combinations. 

Our take on the classic cocktail is all about the apple.

This slush is absurdly simple to make, and the end product is decidedly delicious.

Perfect for an afternoon in the park or an interlude in a backyard hammock, here are the ingredients you’ll need to make two servings of strawberry apple whiskey slush:

Ingredients ready? Let’s get slushy:

Combine all four ingredients in a blender, adjusting the number of Apple Whiskey Pops according to your personal desired alcohol content and taste profile.

Blend together and serve in a mason jar. 

Yep, it’s that simple (and delicious).

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2. Cinnamon Apple Whiskey Slush

This Cinnamon Apple Whiskey Slush brings to mind fall leaves and roaring bonfires. Distill that festive spirit into a frozen cocktail using the following ingredients (this recipe is portioned for two):

Throw it all together in a blender until you’ve got a smooth whiskey cocktail. Garnish with a cinnamon stick in a rocks glass. 

3. Blended Lemon Ginger Mint Julep

The mint julep is one of the most iconic cocktails of all time, long associated with the front porches and steamy weather of the American south. A julep is traditionally made with fresh mint, simple syrup, bourbon whiskey, and crushed ice.1

Our blended julep recipe put a new twist on a classic cocktail with fresh flavors alongside mint and whiskey.

Take your julep from the porch to the orchard with lemonade and a Ginger Whiskey SLIQ Pop. 

Here are our suggested ratios for two blended servings:

Combine all ingredients in a blender (or cocktail shaker, but make sure to crush the whiskey pops first), adjusting the number of SLIQ Pops according to personal taste. Serve your blended julep in a tall highball glass, and garnish with a spring of mint. If you’re feeling extra fancy, add a piece of candied ginger or a lemon wedge, too.

4. Blended Lychee Whiskey Mule

If you’re already tried the porch and the orchard, why not go to the beach? Our lychee mule makes whiskey totally tropical. 

Here are the ingredients necessary for a pair of drinks:

  • Eight ounces of lychee juice—you can buy it pre-made, or make it yourself with peeled, pitted lychee nuts, water, and simple syrup
  • Two to four SLIQ Spirited Ice Ginger Whiskey Pops 
  • Two ounces of mint simple syrup, either store bought or homemade
  • You guessed it—a handful of ice

You probably already know what to do—Combine all those fresh, fantastic ingredients in a blender and blend them up. Serve them in an oversized double-walled tumbler—they’re ideal for enjoying a frozen treat in the sunshine. 

Shop with SLIQ for Premium Pops

The four fruity cocktails above will make a splash at any event – and are fun to make. However, nothing beats the premixed and prepared nature of SLIQ Frozen Cocktail Pops on their own. Whether enjoyed at a full-blown barbeque or a romantic outing for two, these pops are a perfect choice for a fun and flavorful time. 

With twelve distinct flavors and available in four types of top shelf-spirits (whiskey, vodka, agave, and rum), there’s a SLIQ Pop for everyone. And at 100 calories or less per pop and containing 8% ABV, the good times don’t have to come with an overindulgent sacrifice. 

In the park, by the pool, or just chilling on the couch– SLIQ Frozen Cocktail Pops are a treat anywhere. Head over to our homepage and take a peek– we’re confident you’ll find something you’ll love. 



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