Texas Margarita

What Is A Texas Margarita And How To Make It

What’s not to love about a margarita? Its refreshing, citrusy taste of lime balanced with the smokey notes of tequila perfectly complements the sweet hint of simple syrup. But every now and then, even your favorite classic cocktail needs a Texas-sized revamp.

You’re going to love what the Texas margarita—which infuses sweet orange juice—has to offer.

What is a Texas margarita, you ask? We’ll walk you through all the fixin’s to craft this delicious Southern treat.

The Cloudy History of the Texas Margarita 

The history of the Texas margarita is shrouded in mystery, speculation, and uncertainty. Like the world-famous cocktail that gave birth to it, the classic margarita, the Texas margarita is a simple beverage that packs a complex and delicious punch. 

Still, the drink raises more questions than it has answers for.1 When it comes to the Texas margarita, we simply don’t know its key autobiographical details, like:

  • Where it was invented
  • When it was invented
  • Who invented it

Of course, like all great mysteries, theories abound as to where the Texas margarita comes from and how it became so popular. 

One of the most predominant ideas is that the Texas margarita results from circumstance, convenience, and good, old-fashioned ingenuity. In other words, it probably started as a pitcher-style drink that was thrown together using whatever ingredients were nearby and seemed suitable.

Why Texas? That’s always a good question.

What Is a Texas Margarita vs Regular Margarita? 

The Texas margarita differs from a regular margarita in one crucial way: it uses orange juice, in addition to the standard ingredients.1

The orange juice compliments the flavor of the lime juice, adding an extra boost of citrusy goodness along with a sweet, tart bite. This gives the Texas margarita a brighter, zestier flavor than the original.

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How to Make a Texas Margarita

We already mentioned that a Texas margarita includes orange on its list of ingredients. But beyond that, what is in a Texas margarita?

Aside from orange juice, the ingredients include:

  • Tequila
  • Lime juice
  • Simple syrup

As with most standard margaritas, the ingredients are mixed in a cocktail shaker, then served in a cocktail glass over ice. Most people like to lightly salt the rim of their cocktail glass before pouring to balance out the sweet flavors of the drink.

That’s how you make a traditional Texas margarita. But at SLIQ, we’re never satisfied with what’s standard. Keep scrolling for instructions on elevating this delicious drink into a cocktail that approaches the divine.

SLIQ Frozen Mango Texas Margarita 

Our take on the Texas margarita adds the sweet, tropical taste of mango to the mix. To start things off, you’ll need the following ingredients:2

First, pour out a bit of kosher salt onto a small plate. Use the lime wedge or orange wheel to wet the glass rim before gently turning it through the salt to coat it. 

Next, grab a classic cocktail shaker. Drop in all the ingredients and shake to combine. The longer you shake, the more you’ll break down the SLIQ Pops, so follow your preference here, depending on the consistency you want.

After shaking, pour the agave margarita into the glass, stick on the lime and orange garnish, and the next thing you know, you’ll be sipping on a delicious frozen margarita while wearing a smile as big as Texas. 

Bonus Tips for Bonus Flavor 

If mango isn’t your thing, but you’re still interested in giving the frozen Texas margarita a try, just switch out the SLIQ Pops for one of our other flavors, like Classic or Strawberry Margarita. 

Or, for a truly colorful frozen treat, why not mix and match? You can use one SLIQ Agave Mango Margarita Frozen Cocktail Pop and one strawberry margarita for a drink that swirls a trio of fruity flavors. 

Stock Your Freezer with Frozen Fun 

Whether you decide to try your hand at the Texas margarita, a grapefruit margarita, or keep things classic with the original version, SLIQ’s Agave Spirit Frozen Cocktail Pops are the star ingredient you can’t go without.

Our frozen alcohol ice pops are made with 100% Blue Agave Spirit, natural flavors, and quality ingredients that are mixed to perfection to ensure that every pop is packed with mouthwatering flavor.

The time is always right to indulge in frozen fun. 



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