Group of friends toasting with green beer in pub. St. Patrick's Day celebration

4 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas for Adults

St. Patrick’s Day is arguably March’s premier holiday. An occasion that was once observed to commemorate the death of Ireland’s patron saint has grown to be celebrated worldwide—and  these days, it’s more famous for its (how to put it?) convivial atmosphere.1

If your goal is to throw a superlative St. Patrick’s party, it’ll take a little more than pinching party attendees who don’t don green. Below, find 4 St. Patrick’s Day party ideas for adults that are sure to turn your hooley into everyone’s pot of gold. 

#1 Serve festive Drinks

From divine pours of whiskey to the darkest beers available, the Emerald Isle certainly loves  strong, bitter flavors. The burn of hard liquors and the thick body of stout may not be everyone’s cup of Irish Breakfast Tea, however.

An alternative libration to celebrate Emerald Isle flavors everyone will adore? Try this whiskey-based easy St. Patrick’s Frozen Punch recipe. 

You’ll need:

  • 128 ounces of sweet apple juice
  • 26 ounces of Irish whiskey
  • 12 ounces of Irish cream liqueur 
  • 32 ounces of sparkling water
  • One 11-ounce bottle of dark Irish stout
  • Diced cranberries and apples

What makes this combination worthy of Éire? The cocktail pays homage to Ireland’s national fruit, a sugary dessert apple called the Greasy Pippin.2 After brewing up the punch, prepare to serve it by adding:

If punch supplies start to run low, break a few more whiskey ice pops and throw them in—they’ll restore the temperature, flavor balance, and bite of your brew. 

For the final touch for this March cocktail, we recommend leaving a bottle of whiskey off to the side for any guests who like Dublin up on the alcohol.

For guests who aren’t whiskey lovers, opt for the classic Shamrock cocktail, or keep it simple with green beer.

Four frosty choices. Which will you choose? Shop now!

#2 Bring on the Blarney Beats

We’re not saying to pump your house full of the angelic tones of a Celtic choir or traditional Irish songs, but there are Irish musicians whose tunes are sure to bring the party. 

Some classic artists for you and your muckers to raise a pint and dance an Irish jig to include:

  • U2, for nostalgic pop-rock hits (and to give you a reason to wear Bono glasses)
  • Van Morrison, for Golden Age of classic rock vibes
  • Snow Patrol, to chase cars back to Grey’s Anatomy circa the mid 2000s
  • The Cranberries, for an overly emotional, end-of-night group sing along

#3 Deck The Halls with Festive Decorations

Want to go beyond leprechaun hats and store-bought banners? Gussy up your gaff with these décor tips:

  • Repurpose the Christmas cache – The tree may have met its end in mid-January (for some of us, February), but other décor can still serve their purpose come March 17th. Grab any garlands or emerald ornaments and get to hanging!
  • Track down genuine clover – Those plastic four-leafed pins people wear on St. Patrick’s day actually exist in nature—and many garden supply stores sell them in abundance!
  • Go green—with everything – Themed tablecloths, green party décor, peel-and-stick tints over the windows, and plastic plates and utensils can paint your pad with a verdant panache. You can even add a few drops of green food coloring to clear drinks to exemplify your commitment to a green household and party decorations.

St. Patrick's Day food

#4 Fire Up Traditional Delicacies

Irish food is often overlooked in favor of the country’s iconic libations. But The Land of Saints and Scholars can add “Chefs” to that nickname as well, because its cuisine can be complex and delicious as its beverages. So skip the green food and go with a hearty meal of meat and potatoes.

Some dishes to serve at your soirée include: 

  • Corned beef and cabbage – No other dish is so commonly associated with St. Patrick’s day as this one—even if the tradition of eating corned beef and cabbage actually originated with American settlers.3 Salty, soft beef combined with crisp cabbage creates a burst of flavor and texture your guests will crave every day of the year.
  • Beef and stout stew – A dark, luxurious beer broth dressed up with potatoes, carrots, and onions imbue this stick-to-your-bones stew with sustenance and flavor. Serve it with a loaf toasted and buttered—preferably Irish soda bread if you can find or have the gumption to bake it.
  • Irish bread pudding – Trust us—you’re going to want to follow those savory mains with something sweet. This mainstay of Irish kitchens is heavy in dairy, sugar, and carbohydrates—a rich, dense dessert that makes the perfect way to cap off your day of indulgence.

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