Spicy hot pumpkin punch or sangria in a glass with apple, cinnamon, anise

5 Festive Fall Vodka Cocktails to Try This Autumn

While some swear by their spring flings and winter festivities, others fall in love with autumn’s vivid colors and crisp air. Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween, tailgating for the beginning of football season, or simply kicking back under an auburn tree, there are plenty of opportunities to sip on autumn vodka cocktails.

And there’s plenty to inspire your cocktail crafting, too—apple orchards of Honeycrisps, buckets of maple syrup, and enough pumpkin spice to go around. Our fall cocktails jump into autumn’s seasonal specialties to enchant your harvest happy hour. 

(Don’t forget that two SLIQ Frozen Vodka Ice Pops are the equivalent to the average cocktail pour, but you could go up to as many as four if you’re feeling extra pumpkin spicy.)

#1 Apple Crisp Hard Lemonade

If you spend your fall weekends wandering through orchards, baking scrumptious apple pies, or preparing fresh apple cider, you’re in for a treat. This hard lemonade infuses all the best flavors and feelings of fall for a hard lemonade cocktail that leaves summer in the rearview mirror:

  • 6-8 SLIQ Spirited Ice Vodka Lemonade Pops (you’re making a pitcher; reduce for a single serving)
  • ½ cup apple-flavored liquor or apple vodka
  • ½ cup Limoncello
  • 2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 6 cups tonic water
  • Fresh apple slices
  • Fresh thyme or rosemary

This one’s pretty easy to mix once you’ve squeezed your lemons. Simply mix the ingredients in a pitcher until the sugar is dissolved, dump in the apple slices, and garnish with fresh thyme or rosemary. 

A tall glass of this lemonade is precisely what you need on an unseasonably warm fall day. 

Four frosty choices. Which will you choose? Shop now!

#2 The Jolliest Rancher

If you’ve got a sweet tooth but are too old for trick-or-treating (if you’re reading this, that’s you), this blue raspberry-infused cocktail is the perfect spooky season treat. And its otherworldly cerulean color makes it a splendid Halloween party concoction:

Using a cocktail shaker, mix up everything except the soda. Strain into a cocktail glass over ice, then top with the lemon-lime soda. You can even add dry ice to create an interactive witch’s brew on Hallow’s Eve.

#3 Maple Martini

Tap into a treasure trove of caramel vanilla goodness with an autumnal spin on a sophisticated classic. In addition to maple syrup, this cocktail incorporates plenty of fall-inspired flavors that are sure to transport you to wooded forests canopied in reds, oranges, and yellows:

Add everything into a cocktail shaker, mix like you’re cleaning the gutters, and then strain into a martini glass. For added style, garnish with pomegranate seeds or a slice of fresh fig. 

festive cocktail

#4 The Blushing Russian

If it’s not yet breezy enough for a White Russian, this cranberry rendition makes for a festive compromise. It’s also one of the most unique cocktails that our mixologists have ever stirred up:

Gently mix your SLIQ Spirited Ice pops with the cranberry ginger ale. Then, slowly add in the half-and-half so that it settles on top. Admire how pretty this looks before drinking. 

Note: if you can’t find cranberry ginger ale, you can substitute it with 2 ounces of cranberry juice and 4 ounces of ginger beer. 

#5 Pumpkin Spice White Russian

Did you think we could make it through an article about fall cocktails without somehow incorporating pumpkin spice? Usher in the new season with a delightful combination of sugar, spice, and everything nice:

Add your three ingredients into a cocktail shaker and gently shake until they’re mixed. For the whole fall flavor experience, you can top this off with whipped cream and cinnamon or rim the glass with crushed sugar and graham crackers. 

Fall into Fun with SLIQ Vodka Frozen Cocktails

With so many reasons to celebrate in autumn, you’ll want to have a variety of fall vodka cocktails to mix up. We hope you’re inspired to make some spooky Halloween adult drinks for your costume party, or just found a recipe to sip on the front porch while gazing at the leaves. 

Fall drink recipes with vodka are guaranteed to be delicious. And if vodka is the most versatile of the liquors, then SLIQ Spirited Ice alcohol ice pops are the most adaptable boozy pops on the market. Our three tantalizing vodka flavors—each made with premium ingredients—will liven up your fall and make bartending at your festivities super simple. 

When fall ends and winter rolls around, we’re ready to introduce you to our Christmas whiskey cocktails made with SLIQ whiskey pops. No matter the season, SLIQ is here to keep the party going. 



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