Cocktail with Cherry Blossom

5 Cherry Blossom-Inspired Cocktail Recipes

Each year, the cherry blossom trees sprout their bright pink buds in a wondrous display of floral beauty and tell the world that spring has arrived. In cities all over the world, from Tokyo to D.C., these magnificent trees dazzle and delight all cherry blossom season long.

And when the sakura trees bloom, it’s somewhat of a tradition to take notice by lifting a drink to celebrate the end of winter and the promise of warmer weather. You can join the legions of celebrants this blossoming season by toasting with festive cherry blossom cocktails.

To that end, here are five tasty recipes that think pink with your favorite spirits. 

#1 Cherry Trip

The Cherry Trip is a semi-sweet, slightly bubbly cherry blossom drink that combines tart lemon, rich cherries, and vodka ice pops for a delectable cherry blossom cocktail as refreshing as spring itself. Light, airy, and pinkened by cherry juice and a splash of sweet rosé, it’s the perfect cocktail for picnicking in the park or taking it easy at home.

The ingredients are:1

To craft the cocktail, combine all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker or a mixing glass. Once combined to the perfect consistency, serve in a glass, add a twist of lemon peel for a garnish, and you’re set to toast.

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#2 Classic Cherry Blossom

Many cherry blossom cocktail recipes are heavy on ingredients and complicated instructions. And sure, the results might be delicious, but there’s something to be said for simplicity.

Enter: the Cherry Blossom, the original cherry-blossom-inspired cocktail and still a stand-out beverage. Sweet, succulent, and adorable sakura pink, it’s among the best and easiest ways to honor its namesake tree.

To make your own, you’ll need the following:2

Now for the easy part. Simply combine the ingredients (keeping the cherries and mint as garnishes) in a cocktail shaker or blender and mix it up. Pop in three cherries and the fresh sprig of mint, and you have the namesake cocktail ready to cheers.

#3 Cherry Blossom Paloma

The Paloma is a classic agave cocktail that combines lime and grapefruit for a tart and citrusy drink with just the right amount of bitterness. With the simple addition of grenadine to the recipe, the Cherry Blossom Paloma transforms into a smooth and satisfying cocktail.

This cherry blossom cocktail recipe calls for:3

Use a cocktail shaker to mix the ingredients, then strain into a cocktail glass. Beforehand, be sure to mix salt, chili powder, and sugar for a salt rim that’s sweet and spicy. The Cherry Blossom Paloma, so smooth and refreshing, is one of our favorite spring break drinks to craft up.


#4 Cherry & Lemon Vodka Martini

Sakura blossoms are elegant and refined, so any drink inspired by them should be, too. And few cocktails are as elegant as the martini, a stately and sophisticated libation that matches the subtle glamor of the cherry blossom tree.

That said, your standard martini won’t quite do. You’ll need cherry-infused vodka, watermelon, and lemon to turn it into a cherry blossom cocktail vodka that martini lovers will fall in love with.4

To make the Cherry Vodka Martini, you’ll need the following

Once you’ve assembled your ingredients, you’ll mix the Cherry Vodka Martini in a cocktail shaker, just as you would a traditional martini. Then, pour the contents into a martini glass with a salt or sugar rim to enhance the sweetness.

BONUS: Have you ever tried cocktails with lavender? Try adding a ½ ounce of lavender simple syrup for a refreshing botanical twist.

#5 Cherry Blossom Smash 

Wondering how to drink whiskey in unique ways? Then you have to try the cherry blossom smash. The earthy jolt of whiskey is perfectly balanced with an overload of cherry flavor and a dash of lemon, then tempered with mint for a seasonable and sippable cherry blossom inspired cocktail. 

The ingredients are:5 

Combine all of the ingredients without the whiskey ice pops in a cocktail shaker and muddle gently. Then, strain and add the whiskey pops. Stir the mixture until you have a smooth, even texture; pour it into a cocktail glass, and you’re ready to serve and celebrate the cherry blossom season!

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