What’s a Poptail? Discovering the Newest Boozy Treat For Adults

Beads of sweat on the forehead. Sweet and savory smoke from the grill. Family and friends gathered together for some fun and relaxation. 

Life is good, right? 

But there’s one thing missing from this picture that would elevate this day.

Introducing SLIQ Spirited Ice—a frozen, alcoholic treat made for those who intuitively understand a good time. As a premium hard freezer ice pop, SLIQ reinvents good times for the 21+ crowds.

What’s a Popsicle Cocktail?  

Whether you call them freezer pops, ice pops, ice tubes, or freezer bars, when you add alcohol to the mix, the delicious & memorable treat evolves. It matures into the popsicle cocktail—the poptail—or the ultimate frozen delight that tastes great and drives any good time forward. 

Like hard seltzers—the boozy trendsetters of 2019—hard freeze pops are now disrupting the long-established alcohol status quo. 

With a poptail, you simply grab and go. It’s a unique cocktail that is fun, tasty, and downright refreshing. It’s a boozy popsicle that can turn any get together, picnic, or beach day into an adventure.  

SLIQ Spirited Ice Poptails

Welcome to a new world of adult beverages. Your host this evening? SLIQ Spirited Ice. 

When it comes to spirits, it’s impossible to pick a best-in-show. That’s why we don’t play favorites. With our three core products and 9 assorted hard freezer pop flavors, we ensure that there’s the perfect boozy pop for everyone. 

Spirits and flavor variants in our line of boozy pops include:  

Vodka-Infused Spirited Ice – Take a plunge into the arctic depths with this modern take on a classic vodka-infused drink. Each of our frozen vodka pops comes with a sweet, icy twist and come in the following flavors:

  • Lemonade
  • Cranberry & Grapefruit
  • Blue Raspberry

Rum-Infused Spirited Ice – Turn a poolside lounge into a Caribbean Beach with these island-inspired rum ice pops. Flavors include:

  • Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Coconut & Lime Daiquiri
  • Pineapple Daiquiri

Agave-Infused Spirited Ice– Come sail away on a cerulean sea to a party on a warm sandy shore with these agave-infused margarita ice pops. Frozen agave margarita pop flavors include:

  • Classic Margarita
  • Strawberry Margarita
  • Mango Margarita

How Much Alcohol is in a SLIQ?  

Wondering how many hard freezer pops equal a regular drink? 

As mentioned, each poptail contains 8% ABV in a 100ml pop size. That makes it equivalent to half of a standard alcoholic drink. So, two poptails are roughly equivalent to one cocktail you’d order at a bar.

It takes approximately 8 hours for a SLIQ slip to freeze. And that frozen form is how we recommend you indulge. But if your unopened SLIQs melt, don’t worry. Just throw them back in the freezer until they solidify. 

Once they freeze up, they’ll be good to go. 

Why Pick a SLIQ?  

There are several reasons why a SLIQ poptail makes the ideal boozy treat. Benefits include:  

  • Light refreshment – These aren’t just a frozen flavored-packed treat. Every 100ml pop contains only 100 calories or less while still offering 8% ABV. 
  • Premium taste – We only use premium spirits and elevated ingredients to ensure every SLIQ pop offers an incredible taste. Our spirits include: 100% Blue Agave, seven-times distilled Vodka, and Superior White Rum from the Caribbean—ideal for bartender-quality cocktails.
  • They’re portable – Who doesn’t love alcohol on-the-go? Throw a few poptails in the cooler with plenty of ice and then you can bring the party to any beach, poolside, or BBQ. They’re the ultimate grab and go frozen treat. Simply snip off the tip, squeeze, and enjoy.
  • They’re fun – SLIQ lets you embrace your inner carefree spirit and inspires spontaneous adventure. Popsicle cocktails are a new and exciting way to create memories with family & friends.
  • They’re a perfect mixer – Want to try your hand as a mixologist? Frozen alcoholic popsicles can be used to create a fantastic new adult beverage. If you make something delicious, send us your recipe!
  • They’re sustainable – We want to do our part in helping build a sustainable future. SLIQ consumers can freely send their SLIQ tubes to our sustainability partner, TerraCycle®, in exchange for rewards sent to charities of their choosing. TerraCycle then processes the used tubes into raw material that will be reincorporated into other sustainable items. 

SLIQ Responsibly 

Poptails are an exciting new way for adults 21+ to experience good times in a freezer pop format. Each SLIQ was designed to look great and taste even better. They’re portable pops crafted with premium spirits that come in a variety of flavors everyone will be sure to love. 

Made with elevated ingredients and offered in fruity flavor options, we have no doubt that spirited ice will become your new good-times staple. Are you ready to reimagine the traditional cocktail? Then you’ll want to try a SLIQ poptail.