The Best Girly Vodka Drinks to Enjoy with Your Girlfriends

It’s ladies’ night! That means it’s time to get together with your closest girlfriends, craft some of your favorite flavored vodka cocktails, and spend the night out on the town (or in this case, in for a girls-only blowout). 

Well, we’ve got you covered. Forget the crowded bars and swarming nightclubs, we’ve got four frozen vodka cocktail recipes right here that you can make from the comfort of your own home. 

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Otherwise, sit back, grab your SLIQ alcohol ice pops, and get ready to make some girly vodka drinks (and maybe a girly coconut rum drink, too) because this ladies’ night we’ll be staying in.

Frozen strawberry lime basil margarita in glasses

#1 Love Potion Cocktail

When we talk about girly alcoholic drinks, what do we mean? First and foremost, the girly drink needs to taste good. Then we can focus on elements that will elevate the flavored vodka drinks from your typical bar fare with:

  • Creativity
  • Looks
  • Balanced sweetness

With that in mind, our first drink marries each of these elements to create a stunning pink, fruit-forward cocktail that will set your heart aflutter: The Love Potion. For our version, we’ll be making it frozen. You’ll start with four sweet cocktail ingredients, including a SLIQ vodka ice pop:1

Making the Drink

This vodka cocktail, which by the way is also a perfect spring vodka cocktail, is easy to put together. Just grab a blender, add all your ingredients, and blend until you have your desired consistency. This sweet cocktail can be served in any cocktail glass, but a sugar-rimmed martini glass makes for an especially elegant presentation. Garnish the cocktail glass with your choice of a grapefruit twist or a strawberry wedge.

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#2 Frozen Appletini

The appletini is sometimes thought of as the epitome of a girly drink. Perhaps this is because it’s a mellower, slightly sweeter sister to the classic vodka martini. But make no mistake, this high-alcohol drink packs a punch. To make a frozen appletini you’ll need to start with these ingredients:2

Making the Drink

This is another easy one. Combine all the vodka martini ingredients and blend away. Again, a martini glass is the preferred vessel for this vodka drink. Although, we’d suggest skipping the sugar rim this time. Garnish with a slice of green apple instead to complement the green color of the vodka drink.

#3 Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

We’ve been talking about girly vodka drinks, but let’s detour for a second. Vodka is a great spirit because it’s so malleable and able to let other flavors shine through, but maybe some of your girlfriends (or you) prefer alcohol with a more distinct flavor. If so, a rum-based frozen strawberry daiquiri may be just the mixed drink for you. Let’s compile the needed ingredients:3

Making the Drink

To make the mixed drink, add all the ingredients into your blender and blend. If you’re unsure about how sweet you want the drink, feel free to leave out your simple syrup and add it slowly at the end until you get the desired sweetness. Once ready, this can be served in a coupe glass or a rocks glass. Garnish with a wedged strawberry or a lime wheel.

The great thing about making this classic cocktail with SLIQ’s frozen pops is that the ice won’t water down the flavor of your fresh strawberries. In this recipe, the strawberry daiquiri pops allow your strawberry zest to shine through with full force.

Bartender preparing purple cocktail, decorating it with lemon slice

#4 Unicorn Kisses

For our last cocktail, let’s amp up the creativity and sweetness to max levels for a drink that’s a little silly and a lot of fun. To craft this bright purple cocktail with an easy-drinking profile, you’ll need:4

Making the Drink

You’re probably getting the hang of this by now—add everything into your blender and mix it up to create a delicious vodka slushy. Serve this in a rocks glass and for a fun garnish, top it off with some edible glitter to add to the drink’s magic.

Kickoff Ladies’ Night in Style with SLIQ

Ladies’ night is all about the good times. Luckily, so is SLIQ.

With these frozen drink concepts, you can elevate your next night in with your girlfriends. But if you’re not in the mood to pull out your blender, invite our spirited ice frozen alcohol pops to the party as your plus one to avoid the hassle of preparation and clean-up. 

These premium treats are crafted with vodka, rum, and agave spirits and debut in a variety of flavors like blue raspberry, mango margarita, and pineapple daiquiri. 

The best drinks for girls are the ones that taste absolutely delicious. For that, there’s SLIQ. 


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