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SLIQ Spirited Ice: The Easiest Beach Cocktails

A refreshing, fruity cocktail and an endless, sandy beach go together like the moon and the tide. You simply can’t have one without the other. Whether you’re soaking up the sun on your towel or crushing it at the beach volleyball court, sipping on a handcrafted cocktail is the perfect way to help you unwind.

But when it comes to making your favorite beachy drinks, the prep work can become a hassle. Instead of lugging your entire bar cart across the sandy shore, opt for something simpler—without sacrificing flavor. 

Keep reading for some easy beach cocktails that will have you packing light and drinking right. Featuring SLIQ frozen cocktail pops, we’ll share three no-fuss recipes that are sure to impress. 

A glass of fresh and cold orange juice cocktail against the background of the sea

Hit Refresh with a Crisp Paloma

Don’t get us wrong: we’re all for turning a glass of freshly-squeezed OJ into a tequila sunrise. Every once and a while, though, we like to mix it up with something a bit more unexpected.

Meet the fresh, elegant Paloma cocktail. A vacation palette cleanser if there ever was one, this grapefruit-drenched dreamboat of a drink will help you find your beach—whether or not you’re actually on vacation.

For a taste of Mexico’s most adored beverage, ready the following ingredients:

Now that you’ve gathered your ingredients, it’s time to work your magic and take flight:

  • Choose your glassware – Never underestimate the power of the glassware when it comes to setting the tone for cocktail hour. Highball sets are perfect for long, languorous afternoons spent beachside, but if you really want to elevate the golden hour, break out a stemmed set, like classic champagne flutes.
  • Add the salt – Heap your salt of choice on a saucer and give the rim of each glass a good old-fashioned rub down with your grapefruit wedge. Then, finely dip each glass rim into the salt.
  • Stir up your beverage – Mix the grapefruit juice, lime juice, and mezcal or tequila. Once stirred, finish with a bath of club soda.
  • Complete with a pop – Grapefruit on its own can be astringent to sip on, but don’t reach for the sugar. Instead, garnish each beverage with a SLIQ pop to balance out the bitter and keep your palomas chilled to perfection.

Not sure which SLIQ flavor to choose? We love the Classic Margarita for a dryer finish, but if you’re craving a bit more sweetness, gussy up your cocktail with Mango or Strawberry. 


Ride the Waves with the Rum Runner

Known more as a summer cocktail, but even on a chilly day, this rum-based drink will have you dreaming of tropical islands, palm trees, and floral leis in no time. A mixture of colorful fruits and fruity boozes, the rum runner cocktail recipe is easy to follow—and to personalize. Break out the shaker and grab the following ingredients to get started:2 

  • 1 oz dark rum 
  • 1 SLIQ Spirited Ice Rum Pineapple Daiquiri Pop
  • 1 oz pineapple juice or another tart fruit juice such as mango, lime, or grapefruit juice
  • 1 oz banana liqueur or creme de ananas
  • ½ oz blackberry liqueur
  • A splash of grenadine
  • Fresh fruit of your choice for garnishing, including pineapple, lime, strawberries, blackberries, orange, and maraschino cherries
  • Fresh ice for the shaker and the cocktail glass

This may be a mouthful of ingredients, but the explosion of flavor to come will be worth it. Follow these instructions to put your drink together: 

  • Shake it like you mean it – Add all the ingredients except for the fresh fruit to your cocktail shaker. Continue shaking until it’s well blended.  
  • Style it pretty – Grab a hurricane glass, highball glass, or tumbler, and add ice to the bottom. Empty the liquid from the shaker into the glass. Add and arrange your favorite fruits to create a drink that’s unique to you. 

 barman' hands holding in an interesting blue cocktail on the blurred background

Sip on Paradise with the Blue Lagoon

If you want a drink that blends in with the ocean, look no further than this vodka-based beach cocktail that comes in waves of sweet and sour. The blue lagoon not only looks like sparkling blue seawater, but it tastes just as refreshing. Grab these ingredients to get sipping:3

Follow these steps to pack paradise in a glass: 

  • Crush the pops – Part of what gives this refreshing cocktail its dreamy consistency is the crushed ice inside, so throw your frozen cocktail pops in your shaker, and work them into a slush using your muddler. If you’d like more ice, crush some cubes in the same way and add them to the mix. 
  • Mix it up – Add the blue curacao, simple syrup, and lemon juice to your shaker. Shake until the outside is cold to the touch.4
  • Strain it out – Put crushed or cubed ice in your cocktail glass as desired. Pour your delectable mixture into the glass. Finish it off by adding a straw, an orange rind, or a cherry on top. 

SLIQ: The Perfect Pop for All Your Good Times

Whether you’re heading to the beach or your bestie’s, choose from one of our carefully crafted frozen alcohol pops, featuring three types of spirits and nine unique flavors. Throw a SLIQ Spirited Ice Rum Coconut and Lime Daiquiri Pop in your cooler for those tropical temperatures, or keep it cool with a SLIQ Spirited Ice Vodka Blue Raspberry Pop. Looking for a drink to enjoy once you head inside post sunset? Our selection of whiskey ice pops coming in Apple, Cola and Ginger flavors will set the stage for the evening festivities.

Made with premium ingredients, our pops are perfect alone or paired with a few complementary flavors. So what are you waiting for? With SLIQ, you experience good times only



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