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Hard Seltzer Recipes

What’s more refreshing than a chilled hard seltzer at the end of a long day (or at the beginning of one—why not, right)? Honestly, nothing comes to mind. They’re light, they’re tasty, they’re not too sweet but still sweet enough. And with our tips and tricks, they’re about to get a whole lot better.

Follow along for some tasty hard seltzer recipes—with an elevated twist. 

Two Ways to Play: Pick Your Base Recipe

As far as homemade seltzers go, you can choose the quick-and-easy way or the laborious-but-worthwhile way—it all depends on how much time you have in your schedule and how you’d like to spend it.

You can either:

BIY: Brew-It-Yourself – If you’re interested in making an authentic homemade hard seltzer from scratch, you can always buy the equipment and hard seltzer ingredients to ferment your drink yourself. Yes, it requires some serious dedication, time, and energy (not to mention yeast nutrient), but it’ll leave you with the real deal.

Use your favorite malt liquor – Don’t think of this as the “cheater” way—in fact, certain legitimate hard seltzer drink companies make their renowned beverages using spirits like vodka. More like a simple mixed drink than a days-long endeavor, it’ll save you time while still leaving you with a stellar seltzer. 

For now, we’ll focus on these easy-to-make hard seltzer beverages. But before long, you may just be ready to make your own seltzer at home.

#1 Classic Lemon-Lime Hard Seltzer

Slices of lemon and lime

Light, refreshing, and a two-in-one combo of your favorite citrus fruits—what’s not to like? Plus, there are only a few steps and even fewer ingredients. 

Here’s how to make hard seltzer à la lemon-lime twist:1

Squeeze in your lemon-lime flavors – Juice half a lemon and half a lime into your seltzer glass. Bigger is almost always better in this case. This classic recipe is also highly adaptable, meaning you can swap out lemon and lime for any flavor that pairs nicely with lemonade, including:

  • 3 muddled strawberries
  • 5 muddled blackberries
  • 5 pitted, muddled cherries
  • 7 muddled raspberries

Add in simple syrup – You can either purchase a bottle of simple syrup from the grocery store—look near cocktail and margarita mixes or in the alcohol aisle—or you can make it from scratch in a few easy steps:2

  • Put half a cup of water in a saucepan over medium-high heat.
  • Pour in half a cup of white granulated sugar.
  • Stir until the sugar has fully dissolved.
  • Let your mixture cool.

Pour into a small resealable container to store in the fridge. Homemade simple syrup should keep for at least a month—perfect for all the hard seltzers you plan to enjoy in that time!

Add in one frozen Vodka Lemonade SLIQ Spirited Ice pop – Using a cocktail ice pop will add a hint of refreshing slush to your already delicious seltzer. You’ll want to muddle and break apart the vodka ice pop without turning it completely liquid.

Finish it off with soda water – Pour in six ounces of seltzer. Stir with a long spoon until the vodka slush, soda water, simple syrup, and fresh fruit juice are fully mixed.

Optional: top with garnish – Add a slice of lemon or lime to the edge of your glass, plus a festive matching straw for optimal presentation.

All that’s left is to enjoy your hard seltzer (until your friends beg you to make another round of the popular alcoholic drinks, of course).

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#2 Cherry Margarita Seltzer

If you’re looking for something a little more fun and festive, or if you’d choose an agave spirit (like tequila) over vodka any day, you can always kick it up a notch with this inventive take on a classic hard seltzer:3

Combine base ingredients in a shaker – Start with the essentials, then shake until  thoroughly mixed:

Prepare your glass – You simply can’t have a classic margarita without a seasoned rim. For this flavor combination, you’ll want to rim your glass with chili lime seasoning. Then pour in the contents of the shaker.

Top with cherry seltzer – Pour in a 12-ounce can of your favorite cherry-flavored seltzer.

Optional: garnish with fruit – Complete your outstanding presentation with a lime wedge, lemon wheel, or scoop of muddled cherries and a sprig of rosemary.

#3 Coconut Lime Hard Seltzer Slushie

For a truly next-level drink, you’ll need some extra equipment, too. So pull out your blender, and let’s start this party the right way:4

Combine ingredients in a blender – Pour in your base ingredients:

  • 2 tablespoons of coconut cream
  • A half-cup of ice
  • One 12-ounce can of lime-flavored seltzer

Blend it up – Blend on medium-high until smooth, then pour your tasty slushy concoction into a large glass.

Optional: complete with garnish – Finish off your simple but delectable frozen seltzer with shredded coconut, a lime wheel, and a paper umbrella if you’re really feeling festive.

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