3 Refreshing Spring Vodka Cocktails

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the flowers are blooming, which can only mean one thing: Spring is here. If you’re anything like us, you probably got through winter with the help of some trusty winter vodka cocktails, perfect for those long cold nights. 

But now that spring is arriving, may we make a suggestion? More vodka! (With a bit of sweetness, citrus, and ice added, of course.) Frozen cocktails are the perfect spring drinks to welcome back long days and warm temperatures. 

So, let’s get into recipes for three of the best spring vodka cocktails made with SLIQ alcohol ice pops for when you’re ready to switch out your hot cocoa for something a little more refreshing.

Girls enjoying vodka cocktails

#1 Frozen Cosmopolitan

Maybe you’ve seen the recent reboot of Sex and the City and it made you nostalgic for a classic cosmopolitan cocktail. Well, while Carrie and the gang have been gone for over a decade, thankfully, the cosmo never went anywhere. This is one of the best vodka cocktails, and the frozen version is the perfect companion for when you emerge from your winter hibernation back into the sun-soaked world of spring. Let’s start by assembling the needed vodka cocktail ingredients:1

To make the cocktail recipe, simply add all the ingredients (including the vodka ice pop) into a blender and blend until you have the perfect, slushy consistency. The color should be light pink. If it starts to go red, you probably used a bit too much cranberry and may need to add some vodka. Pour the slushy into your favorite Martini glass and garnish the drink with a lemon twist, lime wedge, or orange peel. Enjoy this girly vodka drink!

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#2 Beach-Inspired Slushie

As soon as the weather starts getting warmer, it’s natural for your mind to start picturing the hot, sunny days ahead. Spring comes with anticipation for beach days and sunbathing next to the lapping waves and cawing seagulls. 

Even if the temperature isn’t quite ready for us to hit the beach in person, we can go there in our minds and in our cocktails with this tropical slushy recipe that’s a lot like paradise:2

Making this spring cocktail is a two-step process:

  • Step One – Combine your SLIQ Spirited Ice Vodka Cranberry & Grapefruit Pop with the cranberry juice in a blender. Blend until desired. Pour the slush into the bottom of your glass.
  • Step Two – Combine the rest of the ingredients in the blender. Blend until desired. Pour the mixture on top of the cranberry slush already in the glass.

If done correctly, you should have a red bottom layer leading into a more orange top layer, creating an ombre effect—much like those beautiful spring sunsets. Top off your fruity cocktail with a maraschino cherry and you’ve got yourself a cool, refreshing spring cocktail.

Blue lagoon cocktail drink with lemon juice and mint leaves

#3 The Frozen Blue Lagoon

This year’s hottest Spring Break destination? Your home bar. There’s no need to spring for expensive airfare when you can easily whip up a cocktail that’s as dazzling—and refreshing—as the Caribbean Sea. Meet the Blue Lagoon: a luminously tart, endlessly quaffable, bright blue beauty that’s guaranteed to bring you a dose of tropical sunshine, even on those rainy April days. 

While delightful on the rocks, we prefer to enjoy this citrus-spiked stunner as a slushy. Imagine: all of the nostalgia of a frozen lemonade, plus a spirited kick to help you chill out. What better way to summon sunny skies and swim-up bars?

Arriving at this Blue Lagoon is fairly straightforward—you won’t need to go through customs or travel three days by boat. Simply begin this vodka slushy recipe by assembling the following ingredients:

From there, crafting the cocktail is a breeze. Just combine all of the ingredients in a blender, going easy on the ice to start, and mix until you reach your desired consistency (you can always add more ice if needed). Pour the cocktail into a Hurricane glass and garnish with the lemon wheel and maraschino cherry. Bonus points if you can dig up a colorful cocktail umbrella. 

After that? It’s time to kick back and watch the tide (or emails, whatever) roll in. Slide on your sandals, turn up the Jimmy Buffett, and enjoy responsibly. We’re on island time now—no need to rush. 

Spring Forward with SLIQ

With spring comes a sense of renewal. But only the best spring cocktails will catapult you into full springtime bliss.

SLIQ is here to get you there. All you need to make your own frozen cocktail recipe is our premium SLIQ Spirited Ice pops, vodka, a blender, and your imagination. And, when you want to take a break from the blender, no worries. You can enjoy our SLIQ alcohol ice pops cup-free.

Made with 7x distilled vodka and 8% ABV per pop, our vodka ice pops are the perfect treat for a spring day! So, what are you waiting for? Get into the spirit of spring with SLIQ. 


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