Couple on a tropical beach at Maldives

6 Cocktail Recipes for a Beach Day

Whether you’re packing up to head out to the beach or you wish you were, there’s nothing quite like a handcrafted cocktail to help paint the sky a bright cerulean blue. 

Sure, you could just toss some beers or hard seltzers in the cooler and get ready for some waves, but why not add some creative flair to your fun in the sun? With these easy-to-prep recipes, you’ll have everything you need to take the quality of an upscale cocktail lounge to the comfort of your beach towel.

Gather round, mixologists. Settle in with your toes in the sand while we unpack six of the best drinks for the beach. 

#1 Apple Whiskey Sour 

Before jetting off to your favorite seascape, consider bringing a taste of the orchard along with you. Juicy, sweet, and subtly tart, apples are just as much at home in a cocktail glass as they are in a freshly baked pie. 

To serve up this thirst-quenching sipper, start with a homemade spiced apple simple syrup:

  • Combine equal parts sugar and water, a cinnamon stick, and fresh apple slices in a medium saucepan. 
  • Place the saucepan over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved, stirring occasionally. 
  • Remove the apple slices and cinnamon stick from the pan using a slotted spoon, and store the syrup in an airtight container. 

With your sweetening agent at the ready, now you’ll want to invite these pucker-inducing ingredients to the summer cocktail:

From there, place your SLIQ pops in a cup—no ice required. Spritz with lemon and spiced apple simple syrup to taste, and combine. For a fanciful finish, garnish with a sugar rim and a slice of apple.

#2 Ginger Peach Lemonade

Next up on the beach-day menu: ginger peach lemonade. Thanks to this mouthwatering sipper, you’ll be able to enjoy a hint of summer sweetness and a dash of sassy spice while you let ocean waves carry your troubles away.

To prepare this peachy cocktail to perfection, gather the following:

Toss all of your trusted ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. No blender? No problem. Just combine the pops, puree, and lemonade in a bottle or cup with a lid, shake vigorously, and slurp it down to your heart’s content. After getting a taste, you’ll realize this is one of the best mixed drinks with whiskey.

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#3 Berrylicious SLIQ Sparkling Lemonade

If you love watching—and drinking—the sunset, it’s time to make some room in your glass for this colorful concoction featuring an assortment of must-have summer berries. After you’ve worked up a sweat in your beach volleyball match, cool down with the help of a few simple ingredients:

First, put the strawberries and blueberries into a cup and crush them slightly with a muddler. Then, add your lemony SLIQ Spirited Ice Pops into the mix, squeeze in the lime juice, and shake to combine. Top it all off with a splash of bubbly club soda and toss it back (sharing optional). 

#4 SLIQ Sea Breeze

In this tasty twist on a summer classic, cranberry and grapefruit juice team up with SLIQ for a slushie seaside cocktail. All you’ll need to pack in your beach tote is:

Place your crushed SLIQ pops in a cup, add fruit juices, stir gently, and gulp down the refreshing, citrusy taste of summer.

#5 SLIQ Seaside Sunrise 

Waking up before dawn to catch the sunrise might not be on your beach-day to-do list, but this remixed version of a tequila sunrise certainly should be. Toss a taste of the tropics in your cup by assembling the following: 

Start by blending the SLIQ pops and orange juice together until smooth. Transfer the slushy sipper to your preferred beach-friendly glass and float the grenadine on top. The result? A flavor-packed libation that’s even better than the soft, delicate hues of daybreak. 

#6 SLIQ Piña Colada

Chips and guacamole, macaroni and cheese, bagels and lox—all of these classic pairings pale in comparison to this tropical combo: beach days and piña coladas. To prepare this colorful version of a piña colada like a pro, be sure to pack your cooler with:

Combine the entire ensemble in a blender, mix to perfection, and serve. Give your drink an even fruitier touch by garnishing it with a cherry and a slice of pineapple (or a lime wedge). Go ahead, add a brightly-colored umbrella pick, too. 

To keep these extra cool, make sure to have a small bucket of ice cubes to keep your guest’s mixed drink. Of course, these ice cubes can also keep cool non-alcoholic beverages, such as fruit juice, virgin long island iced tea, etc.

BONUS: Frozen Bahama Mama

Escape to the tropics with this delicious tropical drink. This is not your typical Bahama Mama recipe; this beach cocktail features a frozen twist using SLIQ rum ice pops, and is perfect for any hot summer day. Here’s what you’ll need to make this drink at your tiki bar:

Blend your SLIQ alcohol freeze pops with the fruit juices. Add a splash of grenadine to a hurricane or highball glass, and pour in your frozen cocktail. Garnish with an orange slice and cherry, and serve this delicious beach drink!

Shop for SLIQ Before You Hit the Beach

Now that you’re equipped with some of the best drinks for the beach, some of which are also perfect as summer whiskey cocktails no matter where you are, all that’s left to do is to slip into your swimsuit and soak up all of those seaside rays. Just make sure to replace the ho-hum liquor on your shelf with SLIQ alcohol ice pops, featuring barrel-stored bourbon, 7x distilled vodka, 100% blue agave spirit, and Caribbean white rum. 

Whether you prefer to vacation or staycation, the best beach cocktails are made with SLIQ, giving you a taste of summer fun wherever you are. 



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