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3 Festive & Delicious March Cocktails to Try

March is a time for celebrating the arrival of spring and all the fun that comes with it: St. Patrick’s Day, Holi, March Madness, and even…National Cocktail Day. If you need St. Patrick’s Day party ideas for adults, these 3 festive and delicious March cocktails are the perfect addition to your menu. From a twist […]

4 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas for Adults

St. Patrick’s Day is arguably March’s premier holiday. An occasion that was once observed to commemorate the death of Ireland’s patron saint has grown to be celebrated worldwide—and  these days, it’s more famous for its (how to put it?) convivial atmosphere.1 If your goal is to throw a superlative St. Patrick’s party, it’ll take a […]

4 Festive St. Patrick’s Day Drink Recipes

Ah, St. Patty’s Day: The occasion is best known for its verdant veneer, Irish roots, and bibulous festivities. If you’re in need of St. Patrick’s Day party ideas for adults, there’s a wealth of drinks associated with the Emerald Isle, from some of the world’s finest whiskeys to dark, rich malts. But no beverage screams […]

4 Refreshing Cocktail Recipes with Lavender

Classic cocktails are timeless for a reason. With bold, vivacious flavors, they please the palate and tickle the taste buds—whether it’s the rich texture and simple zest of an Old Fashioned or the sweet bite of a Lemon Drop.  Sometimes, however, these traditional cocktails need to turn up a notch or two. Fortunately, several of […]

4 Best & Easy Spring Break Drinks & Cocktail Recipes

Spring break is a time when people everywhere gather at beaches, bars, and hotel pools to celebrate good times, liberated inhibitions, and warm weather. The tradition may have once been associated with college kids blowing off steam before finals week, but spring break is open to anyone these days.  Best of all, you don’t have […]

5 Cherry Blossom-Inspired Cocktail Recipes

Each year, the cherry blossom trees sprout their bright pink buds in a wondrous display of floral beauty and tell the world that spring has arrived. In cities all over the world, from Tokyo to D.C., these magnificent trees dazzle and delight all cherry blossom season long. And when the sakura trees bloom, it’s somewhat […]

5 Best New Year’s Eve Drink Recipes

When you think of New Year’s Eve drinks, you probably think of champagne—and it’s no wonder. Toasting the arrival of another year with a glass of bubbly is tradition.  But during the hours before and after you sing “Auld Lang Syne,” it’s nice to have something else to sip on. This year, consider one (or […]

4 Delicious Winter Rum Drinks

It might sometimes seem like rum is a quintessential summer liquor. As a classic of the Caribbean and the favored drink of pirates everywhere, one sip of this sweet & spicy spirit can transport you to a tropical paradise of palm trees, sandy beaches, and warm weather.1  But none of that means you have to […]

4 Cocktails for Celebrating Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year, also called the Chinese New Year, is a time to honor prosperity, abundance, and togetherness. All around the world, families gather at home, and crowds gather in the streets to watch parades and partake in other celebrations. And, of course, plenty of cocktails are added to the festivities.  Traditionally celebrated by billions […]

4 Easy Tequila Drinks to Make at Home

Tequila is one of the most popular spirits in America. Last year, sales of tequila and mezcal grew at the second-largest pace in the entire spirit industry (behind only pre-mixed cocktails).1 With all that tequila flying off the shelves, you should be prepared with some go-to recipes for easy tequila drinks you can make at […]