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5 Easy & Delicious Frozen Vodka Cocktails

Whether you braved a frozen winter or coasted along with mild temperatures, the turn of Spring signals one very important shift: we’re all one step closer to the joys of patio season, backyard barbecues, and frozen treats.  It doesn’t matter if your plans include lounging by the pool, spreading out with a picnic basket in […]

The Vodka Freezing Process: How Our Frozen Cocktails Work

There’s nothing more disappointing than a warm, tepid alcoholic beverage. When lukewarm vodka hits your lips, you might think you can save an unpleasant drink with some quality time in the freezer. Maybe you’ve even tried to create a DIY version of your favorite alcoholic popsicles, like SLIQ’s Spirited Ice pops. Does vodka freeze? Toss […]

6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Cocktail Game

There’s an art to mixology that goes far beyond pouring a drink. Crafting the perfect cocktail—even for a basic beverage—isn’t easy. It takes practice, the right ingredients, and an intimate understanding of how flavors can be paired and balanced with one another.  Whether you are looking to whip up a classic cocktail or want to […]

What’s a Poptail? Discovering the Newest Boozy Treat For Adults

Beads of sweat on the forehead. Sweet and savory smoke from the grill. Family and friends gathered together for some fun and relaxation.  Life is good, right?  But there’s one thing missing from this picture that would elevate this day. Introducing SLIQ Spirited Ice—a frozen, alcoholic treat made for those who intuitively understand a good […]

How Many Hard Freezer Pops Equal a Regular Alcoholic Drink?

Watch out, hard seltzers! There’s a new kid on the block. Its name—Hard Freezer Pops.   Special occasions will never be the same again. SLIQ Spirited Ice alcohol ice pops are a convenient way to enjoy frozen cocktails. They’re an icy twist on booze that turns any time into a good time. So, will you get […]