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About Us

As a premium alcoholic beverage brand, we are revolutionizing the game when it comes to your favorite cocktails. With SLIQ, we’ve designed a complete line of alcoholic ice pops that are anything but ordinary, backed by a business that is anything but new to this space.

Since the 1920’s, our parent company, The Jel Sert Company, has been at the forefront of innovation within the food and beverage industry. Now standing as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ice pops, Jel Sert continues to cultivate and grow iconic brands such as Fla-Vor-Ice & Otter Pops. Adopting this same playbook through them, we’ve created an alcoholic ice pop that is specifically intended for the 21-and-up club. 

When it comes to spirits, SLIQ does not play favorites. In fact, we offer variety packs using Vodka, Rum, and Agave Spirit to suit all taste buds and preferences. We’re not just giving you your favorite spirit, making it freezable, and calling it a day, though. All of our packs highlight fun and mouthwatering flavors from Blue Raspberry Vodka to Blue Agave-Infused Mango Margarita to put an unprecedented icy twist on refreshment.

Every poolside party, backyard barbecue, beach bash, and blowout starts with a little social stimulation – something SLIQ to kick off the good times and drown out the bad vibes. That’s what we’re here to deliver. Whether you’re kicking it with the boys or going out with your girls, spending the evening with your partner or prepping for an all-night affair, SLIQ is the perfect complement to any evening (or afternoon, for that matter). If our alcoholic ice pops don’t care what time it is, why should you? They’re delicious all day long, all year round, with a little something for everyone.

They may be hard freezer pops but they’re still the easiest way to win over any group. Why show up empty-handed when you can arrive with a crowd favorite that’s sure to please? While your new friends are warming up to you, you can all cool down with SLIQ’s freeze & eat alcoholic ice pops. 

But this updated take on a classic favorite is more than just enjoyable. Each naturally flavored frozen cocktail treat comes perfectly portioned with the right amount of sweetness, 8% ABV, 100 calories or less, and a vegan friendly, kosher, & gluten-free ingredient list – all in a recyclable package.

When you show up with a pack of SLIQ hard freezer pops, you’re bringing certified good times—no exceptions.

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